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Slagstreet Review Reveals Shady Marketing

I’ve covered so many damn escort sites and hookup websites that I don’t even know how many I’ve reviewed. There are TONS out there and unfortunately, most of them are trash or ineffective. Nevertheless, I do my duty and share what I’ve learned along the way. Today I’m covering a site called Slagstreet. You’ll soon know everything there is to know about

As I said, there are so many dating sites on the market that you can literally find any kink, dating style, or type of person if you look hard enough. This is a great thing in the world of casual dating, it makes things much easier for us that enjoy hooking up without having to wade through the traditional sites full of women looking to lock a man down for the rest of his life. However, with the good always comes the bad.

Many of these sites, especially those that cater to sex and kink are not at all legitimate. Typically, they are run by a parent company that runs many other similar sites and uses the same deceitful practices on each site. I’m sure you’ve run across those types of sites, everyone has.

Bad dating sites are pretty easy to spot for the experienced dating site user, but not everyone is at that level. So, how do you tell if a dating site or hookup site is one of the bad guys? Well, let me show you using a site that a friend across the pond has asked me about, is a casual hookup site that claims to cater to the UK, U.S., and Australia, but honestly, they’re not going to turn anyone down who wants to become a member. Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you’re most likely going to get the same results. Can you guess what those will be?

Here, let me show you…

slagstreet homepage

Why Is A Bad Site To Choose

Before I delve into the meat of and why it’s a fraud dating site, here is something I want you to know. No matter what dating site you join: Read the Terms and Conditions. Seriously, I know they’re boring, and I know it takes time out of hunting for some tail, but trust me on this, the terms and conditions of all dating sites will let you know exactly the type of site you’re dealing with.

The terms and conditions of are pretty eye-opening and layout exactly what you can expect when you become a member. Here is what I found:

#1: is a Venntro Media Group Product

Venntro Media Group dating sites are really the worst. If you don’t trust me, do a little search of your own. This company is in charge of many dating sites that all have a theme and if you join one, you’re pretty much joining all of them, whether you want to or not. They often use the same fake profiles across the entire group of their dating sites, and they make sure to state that their sites are for entertainment purposes only.

What does that mean? That means they offer no guarantee that you’ll get any dates and you can’t say a thing about it because you acknowledge that you accept that they are for entertainment only.

#2: Free Memberships Only Lure You In

Most dating sites do this. They tell you the membership is free but then once you join, you have to pay to talk. I understand that they have to make money, they are a business and I’m not against paying a dating site that works.

What I am against is paying for a fraudulent dating site that will never get me any action, will try to keep me logging in with fake messages from fake profiles, and then a difficult time trying to cancel my membership when I’ve figured out that they’re all full of baloney.

If you’re curious, here is what it will cost you to join

  • One-month subscription: $29.67
  • Three-month subscription: $59.42
  • Six-month subscription: $96.60
  • One-year subscription: $133.79

This price tag could change, all pricing is in Pounds, so with the exchange rates and all that, it could go up or down at any time. These are approximate prices. In any event, that is a lot of money for a dating site that won’t work for you.

#3: Credits, Gifts, and Extras

I have to give it to, they are kings of the upsell. Viva la Capitalism! offers its members the great (I’m being sarcastic) option of buying gifts, credits, and tokens to use for supposedly more efficient and fun communications. Basically, you’re going to buy these extras to send to fake profiles from people you can’t meet or have sex with.

Not only are you paying a crazy-expensive subscription rate, you now are paying MORE to talk to a fake or three. Don’t trust me that there are fake profiles on Read their terms, it’s all there.

#4: Fake Profiles Are Abundant…and It’s Totally Legal

Good dating sites will monitor who they allow to become members. Yes, it is time-consuming and usually means you’re paying more to be a member. But, this also means you’re safer. does not monitor who joins and they state it right in the terms. Read this:

If this doesn’t make you a touch nervous, I don’t know what will. Oh, and when you’re not being ripped off by the people they allow to use their site, you’re probably going to be lead-on by the fake profiles they created to keep you thinking hot ladies want to have sex with you.

Yep, utilizes fake profiles like “Love Cupids” or “Love Stars” (find out more about Love Cupids in this review here) or whatever the sites are calling them these days. These are profiles that are full of stolen pictures from the internet and the site people make a profile and then talk as that fake person to convince you that you need to purchase a membership to talk to her.

Never will you meet this person, you can’t, they don’t really exist as they state they do. And remember, this person behind the profile could be a guy, a grandma, or even the computer who is programmed to talk to you. It is whoever they can pay to play the part. Trust me, most bad dating sites do this, Slag Street included.

Final Verdict: Avoid Forever

I’ve dealt with Venntro Media Group sites before and trust me, all of them are the same. They are expensive, full of fakes, and they try to upsell you on things you really don’t need. Unfortunately, is no different.

If I were you, I would totally avoid and any Venntro dating site you come across. You’ll never get the hot nights you’ve been hoping for, just a lighter wallet and big old headache!

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