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Do you enjoy swinging? I know I do. I mean, I don’t have a current girlfriend who I use to swap partners, but I have in the past, and I sure do enjoy being a part of a threesome with another couple (or two). Normally I go to swinger’s clubs to find my new friends, but I recently stumbled upon a swinger’s app called Homepage

I’m usually pretty wary about kinky apps like this since I’ve been burned on more than a few, but I thought I would give it a try and see if I had any success or if I needed to stick to what already worked for me. And I’ll tell you this, my swinging friends, that I was pleasantly surprised at what happened during my time on

If you’re a swinger, or just into random hookups, read my review of the Kasidie Dating Community and hopefully, it will help you to make the decision if the swinger’s site is something that will work for you.

Here’s What Truly Is

Some dating sites are for farmers. Some are for plus-sized individuals. And some are for those daters who are looking for a serious, long-term relationship.

And then there are the more vanilla dating sites for boring people, and the more kinky ones for the rest of us. And some even combine all kinds of topics and interests. However, Kasidie is one thing, and one thing only: a site that looks to connect those interested in swinging and threesomes (or more) with other like-minded kinksters. is a very popular site and has a tight-knit community that is supportive, fun, and ready to get kinky. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced, the members of are welcoming and accepting which isn’t something I expected to find, to be honest.

Joining The Site

Joining is so simple it’s ridiculous. Essentially, you put in some basic information and you’re good to go. A great bonus of is that they really value privacy and discreetness and never ask for anything more than the basics.

After you’ve entered your email address, username, password, and gender, you’re a member. Just know, once you’re a member you will be asked to answer a questionnaire about yourself and your sexual interests so the site can better match you up with similar-minded couples or individuals. I will definitely say that these questions work, so don’t be afraid to answer them.

Joining is completely free. However, just like most other dating sites on the internet, if you want to do much more than being a member, you’re going to have to pay a membership fee. If that bothers you, let me explain why it shouldn’t.

Dating sites are a business. They are created and run by humans. You’re a human, do you work for free?

No, you don’t And, you’d think I was totally crazy if I suggested that you work for absolutely, nothing. So, I’m totally fine with paying for a dating site if it works, which does.

Also, Kasidie takes great pride in the fact that they protect their members and paying for a membership ensures they can continue to do so. Plus, if you’re a serious swinger or hookup participant, you’re probably going to be ok with paying to join a dedicated site. Truthfully, only those that are on the fence about swinging or just looking for a thrill are going to complain about paying to join

The Cost of it All

If you’re curious as to the pricing structure of for paid members, here it is:

  • One month upgraded membership-$19.95
  • Three-month upgraded membership-$45.00 ($15.00/month)
  • Six-month upgraded membership-$75.96 ($12.66/month)
  • One year upgraded membership-$129.84 ($10.82/month)

Obviously the longer you join, the better the deal. And if you’re curious as to what features you get as an upgraded membership, keep reading.

Site Features

There are many features of that I really appreciate and I’m sure you’re going to really like too. First, offers an algorithm to match you with locals. That may not seem like much, but have you ever joined a dating site only to find out your matches were hundreds of miles away?


This also means that when you travel, you’re going to be able to find local swingers to meet up with. Honestly, that means sex no matter where you are. What more can you ask for?

Maybe you’d like to find some swingers events. holds network sanctioned events frequently, so that means you’ll actually meet other swingers in your area, and you can pretty much guarantee they are really into swinging, not just saying they are because they are associated with

Oh, and do you like to find all your sexual needs in one place? I mean things like sex toys and other sexy time things. If you are into that sort of thing, and who isn’t, offers some great products that are easy to get and discreetly shipped to your house. is like the Walmart of dating sites, just without the Walmartians we all tend to laugh at.

And finally, if you’re shy, or you’re trying to do your swinging on the down-low, Kasidie understands. Nobody on the site uses their real names and all communications are done through the site email system. If anyone starts to bother you or is doing things that you find a little shady, contact customer service immediately, they are very responsive and some of the best customer service employees I’ve ever come across.

Final Thoughts…

I haven’t used many swinger’s sites, which I’m kicking myself for now that I’ve used Not only did I have a good deal of success on, but I’ve also met some awesome people that I’m sure I’ll stay friends with for a long time.

Between the sanctioned events, the friendly community, the commitment to keeping things on the up-and-up and safe, and the affordable price tag, really can’t be beaten in the world of swinging and hookups. Well, as far as hookups go, this here certainly beats the crap out of it.

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