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How To Meet Your Rich Sugar Momma

If you’re a young guy that likes women who are still seeking some fun, yet they might be old or older, and they got some money, then it’s a sugar momma that you need! Seriously, if you’re a man looking for a well-off woman to take care of things for you, trust me when I say that you’re not alone!

I’ve been searching for my official millionaire momma for years or at least the one I want to finally settle down with, lol.

For men who are less-than-rich, meeting a financial powerhouse who can satisfy your sexual urges (and bills as well) can absolutely change your life for the better. You’ll be able to do things like fly to exotic locations & drive fast cars, all while simultaneously have a casual sex partner to live out your fantasies with. And don’t forget, it’s all being given to you by a hot, wealthy woman who loves nothing more than taking care of you!

Sugar Momma Money

How To Find The Perfect Sugar Momma

Even though the sugar momma trend has grown a lot over the past few years, it can still be pretty tricky finding a woman to take care of you if you haven’t got an idea of where to look. Another challenge for the less-familiar is keeping a sugar momma around once you’ve “gotten” them in the first place. If you think she’s going to want to give you all of this sex and wealth without asking for anything in return, you are sadly mistaken. Why even start a relationship like this if you aren’t concerned with keeping them in your lives?

This Is The Year Of The Sugar Momma

In the modern era, women in the United States are experiencing a series of revolutions in the professional, political, and social spheres. Because of these growing socio-political changes, there’s a newfound sense of freedom that goes along with newfound wealth & political power.

Basically, you’ve got more rich, powerful women realizing that they can call the shots in their romantic lives. And (no surprise here), when an older woman realizes that she can have whatever she wants, she does what a lot of older men & women would do: find a hot young stud.

Official Definition

Before going any further, we should probably start with outlining what a sugar momma is. Often these women can be mistaken for cougars, but the truth is that these two things are entirely different. A sugar momma is looking to trade financial support for sex and companionship.

Usually, these women are going to go for significantly younger men, which tends to be why they’re lumped into the cougar category. But the truth is that cougars and sugar mommas are alike only in that they tend to be older women going after younger men.

A great way to tell if you’re dating a sugar momma is to find out exactly how established they are in their careers. Often times, sugar mommas hold real positions of power in their place of work, and getting an inside look into these types of situations can be a great identifier.

Places To Meet

So, if you’re on the lookout for a sugar momma of your own, there are few great places you can hang around in and try to pick them up. I’m going to kick things off by saying that there are a few cities that seem to house more of these rich older ladies than others.

Let me go ahead and just suggest that you spend time in a few places like South Florida, San Diego, New York City (my city), and Chicago. You’ll meet tons of rich women if you reside in any of those areas. Now, these places tend to be where wealthy older women like to hang out:

  • Casinos – It’s not much of a secret that older women with money to burn like to do it these types of establishments. Grab a cup of quarters, and find the women with the best-looking business suit.
  • Auctions – Another great way for wealthy folks to spend their money is at charity auctions. Keep your eyes peeled for the high female bidders, and try to strike up a conversation.
  • Boat & Yacht Clubs – Many semi-retired sugar mommas enjoy the boat life, so why not get out on the waves with them? Maybe throw on a captain’s hat to really impress them!
  • Jewelers / High-End Malls – This last one should be a no brainer. You don’t need the woman to be a sugar momma to want to spend her money on jewelry, but chances are, once they’ve gotten a taste of the sweet life, they’ll want the perks that come with it (namely an energetic young buck)!

Places On The World Wide Web

If you’re not completely comfortable finding a sugar momma in real life, you can also try one of the many websites devotes to connecting older women & younger men. What I personally like to do is sign up for multiple sites at once, to try and have as many chances as possible of finding a new connection. A great part of looking on these types of sites is that you don’t have to be concerned about mixed signals, as these women know exactly what they’re looking for.

money in my hand gif

Get ‘Em & Keep ‘Em

This may potentially be the hardest part of being the male partner to a sugar momma: keeping her. These women are looking for a strange blend of youthfulness and maturity, which can sometimes be a hard middle ground to hit. She’s looking for a man who makes her feel young & carefree, but she also doesn’t want someone who’s going to leave a mess & the kitchen or act a fool out at the clubs.

The key here is knowing when to shut your mouth and sit down. Older women love it when they’re younger beau has the wherewithal to handle social situations & settings correctly. If you aren’t sure about something, better to take a moment away and Google whatever etiquette questions you might have. Your brand new sugar momma doesn’t need to know that her new man is, well, new.

What To Remember

If you really want to find land yourself in a situation like the one I’ve described above, remember that you’re going to have to put down things like video games and pick up things like VIP bottle service and late nights out clubbing. A woman in her early fifties probably isn’t going to want to stay up until 3 am watching you play Call of Duty.

Also, as I said above, chances are if you meet up with a woman over forty, they’re going to be reveling in (often) the peak levels of their sexuality. Besides keeping your attitude in check, you’re going to have to accept that this is a physical relationship, first & foremost. If that’s a fact you’re comfortable with, you should have no problem settling into a situation like this.

What’s the alternative you ask? Well, I guess it’s having negative cash flow and hiring someone to have sex with you, something I don’t condone in the NY area.

Just make the right moves and you’ll be all set. Trust me on this one, give it a shot and see what happens.

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