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Flirty9 Review: The Site That Flirts With Your Trust

Joining dating sites isn’t cheap, believe me, I know it. I’m a member of quite a few of them (see the bottom of this page) and monthly fees can be crazy. But, for me, if a dating site work, I don’t mind paying. However, there are still hookup sites and dating apps that claim to be free and they claim they’ll deliver. is one that claims all that and then some.

Will they though? That’s always the question I have when I see sites that advertise as being “100% free” and “the best dating site on the internet.” To me, when someone is bragging about something, it’s definitely because they’re lacking, and I think dating sites are no different.

Flirty9 is one of those dating sites that promises that it’s completely and totally free. And guys, I won’t lie to you, it is. That’s a huge bonus, right?


Flirty9 Homepage

If you’re looking at Flirty9 and you’re hella enticed by the fact that it won’t cost you a cent to join, hold up until you’ve read my review on why I think Flirty9 is a terrible dating site and a complete and total waste of your time.


  • It’s free (Straight up, that is the only pro about Flirty9)


  • Fake profiles galore
  • Scamming like you wouldn’t believe
  • Very basic search parameters
  • Not very busy
  • Remember that free bit? Flirty9 will still try to upsell you on their premium service

Let’s Get the Whole Free Thing Out of the Way

I know some people are going to see that Flirty9 is free and stop listening to anything I say. I want to make sure you understand, though, that just because a site is free does not mean it is any good. This is true with Flirty9.

Truly free dating sites are a rarity. Usually, when a site is calling itself free, it means free to join or it is free, but it only links you to paid dating sites as a marketing scheme.

Flirty9 boasts on its main landing page that the site is free, but what they don’t tell you is that you’re eventually going to be hit up to upgrade to a premium service. See, if someone looks at your profile and they’re interested in you, they can send you a little “love”. These “loves” are sort of like the “likes” on social media sites, but you won’t be able to see who sent that “love” unless you upgrade.

Now, upgrading isn’t extremely expensive, about 100 coins for $3 or 1000 coins for $15 and supposedly it bumps you up in the search results. But, when you consider the next bit I’m about to drop on you, you’ll see why you’re really just wasting your money.

Fake Profiles on

One of my biggest pet peeves with any dating site is when they use fake profiles. If you’re not deep into internet dating you might not know what these are. Let me inform you so that when you’re chatting with someone online, you know what to look for.

Dating sites that are kind of shady will often utilize fake profiles to make their members think the site is active and hopping with super sexy women just looking to hookup with anyone that comes along.

Unfortunately, those types of women are pretty rare, and they certainly aren’t joining sites named things like “Sluts4You” or “HornyHousewives.” Sorry, my friends, but sites with those kinds of names are created for guys, no women join them.

And dating sites know this, so they have to try and come up with women to keep the men coming in. So, what do they do? Well, they go online, and they steal pictures and create fake profiles that they then have run by either a really got bot program or they hire someone to pretend to be that person.

Never will you meet that person. You can’t, they don’t exist as they are on the profile. They could be a woman, a man, or something in between.

The only purpose of those profiles is to make you pay. On Flirty9 that means that they send you “love” and if you want to see who it was, you’re going to pay. The site developers hope that you’re going to be so excited to have someone hot contacting you that you’ll keep talking to these people and paying more and more money to do so.

So much for free, right? The only thing you’re going to get when you buy coins on Flirty9 is a lighter wallet and scammed by fakes.

Oh, and the Scammers!

Another big problem with the idea of a free site is the number of scammers that get through. See, dating and hookup sites that require you to pay actually weed out the people looking to get away with something because they’re not going to spend a dime to do so. That’s why paid sites are a good thing, money=serious members.

Flirty9 not only has fake profiles run by the site, but also fake profiles made by people looking to catfish you and get into that wallet of yours. They lead you on and on and then start asking for a few bucks here and thereafter you’re hooked. Being the good guy that you are, you do it.

Before you know it, you’re in the hole for hundreds or thousands of dollars and feeling like a right fool. And you’re still pretty damn horny. 100% free sites just can’t monitor everything that goes on and unfortunately, Flirty9 is full of these kinds of jerks and they have absolutely no customer service department to help you.

Final Thoughts

I wish I could say I loved Flirty9, but I’m sorry I can’t. From their lack of customer service to the fake profiles and catfishers, there are just no redeeming qualities to be found. The searches are basic, the site itself isn’t busy besides the fakes, and honestly, I’m not about to spend my time being led along by someone I’ll never meet.

The site’s free to join, so if you truly want to see what it is about, give it a-go. However, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re being hit up by (fake) sexy woman after sexy woman that will never meet you in person and hopefully you get out of it without spending much more than a few bucks on some coins. Trust me, Flirty9 is nothing but a scam.

If you want to get laid ten times over day after day, week after week, then give a shot. It’s the Snachat sex alternative that allows you to flirt and fuck. Thank me later! Deuces!

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