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Plenty of Hoes Review: More Like Plenty of Problems

Today’s review covers a site called Plenty of Hoes. It’s a full-on piece of crap and I believe you’re going to agree with me on this one after reading my review. I am always skeptical when I see a dating site that has named itself after super popular dating sites as a way to draw stupid people in. There are lots of stupid people living in my city, so I’m sure many get scammed here. It’s really quite rare that the knock-off site is just as good, or better than the original, it is trying to be. Find out which site this is trying to emulate and why it sucks balls.

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My Plenty of Hoes Review

Plenty of Fish (POF) has been a huge dating site for a while now and while it isn’t one of my favorites, there is no denying it has been a popular dating site for many people.

The Plenty of Hoes site (POH) wants you to believe that they are the POF of hoes and that they are just bursting at the seams with loose women looking to hook up with horny men. I am all for a site that is full of sexy women who want a no-strings-attached sexual relationship, but is POH that site?

If you’re someone that is considering joining Plenty of Hoes to actually meet hoes, then keep reading to find out why I think POH is nothing more than a site full of plenty of bullsh…(you know where I’m going with that).

POH is the King of Redirects

There are actually a few reasons why POH is not a good dating site, but I want to start with the biggest. POH is well known for redirecting to other sites. And the reason this is bad is because you’re not actually joining the main site, but instead, you’re taken to another scam site that tries to get you to join and waste your money.

A few years back, joining POH meant that you were linked to another site called was so fraudulent that it has since been shut down completely. It looks like the site of the day for POH now is for users in the United States, but it could be any sexy-sounding site at any given moment.

So, why do bad dating sites (and I use the term dating site loosely since no dating goes on) do this type of thing? See, when you go to the site that POH is promoting and you join because you’re horny and don’t know any better, POH gets a kickback. It’s a marketing scheme to make money off of your naivete or desperation.

I don’t even mind paying for a dating site if I know it’s going to work, so don’t get me wrong there. But, when one dating site redirects me to another dating site and both are just bad, then I’m going to get a touch grumpy. Isn’t Legit Either

Since POH links you to, and that’s the site you would actually be joining if you tried to join POH, I decided to let you know a bit about them. is in no way a legit dating site and joining will only get you frustrated. Trust me, there are certain tricks that fake dating sites use to make their site seem awesome and uses every single one.

Fake Profiles

Have you ever joined a dating site and the women of that site were just drop-dead gorgeous? And I don’t mean like one or two of them but like EVERY SINGLE ONE. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also very horny, they like to talk dirty, and once you two seem to have really connected, they have a string of excuses on why they can’t meet you.

If you’ve had that happen, then I’m sorry to say that you’ve been talking to a fake profile.

See, dating sites that are only out for your money will create fake profiles to make their site seem full of women that are just tripping over themselves to talk to you and eventually sleep with you so that you won’t think twice about paying to be a member.

These profiles are completely fabricated and are usually pictures of women that they’ve stolen from other places. They will then either have a very well executed bot program talk through this “face,” or they’ll hire someone to pretend to be that woman and talk with you, continuously stringing you along and getting you to continue a useless membership.

Never, ever, ever will you meet the person from that profile. I mean, how could you since they don’t exist. And why would you want to waste time and money just talking dirty to someone who for all intents and purposes could be a guy! Trust me, you’re never going to find a real woman on

Replicated Profiles

Do you ever read the terms and conditions of any dating sites you join? Like really read them, not just click the “accept” button so you can get into a site? I can pretty much guarantee that the majority of the men joining a dating site never look at the terms that these sites have to put out to cover their own behinds.

Why am I asking you this? Who really cares about those terms and conditions? Trust me, my friends, you should read them, and you should definitely care about the things these sites are legally allowed to do once you click “accept”, even if you haven’t read a word the terms say.

If you read the terms of, you’ll see that by becoming a member, you automatically agree to allow the site to replicate your profile on their other dating sites. This means that they can take your profile information and your PICTURES, and put all of that information out there and you have no rights to it.

Remember how I said that some dating sites make fake profiles? Well, besides stealing pictures from the internet, they also harvest site profiles of regular looking folks to use as a means to trick other members on other sites. Essentially you become a catfish of sorts, with an employee pretending to be you to try to get other members to upgrade their membership.

And you have no say in any of this. I don’t know about you, but to me, that just screams “wrong.”

Final Verdict on

Look, I know you’re horny. We’re men, so we all are. But, please, do not let your horniness trick you into joining such a shady and deceitful site like Plenty of Hoes or

Trust me, there are no real women on either site. The only members are men hoping to find a hoe for a good time and site employees playing on this hope and getting paid to talk to them.

The difference between you and those guys is that you now know the truth about and their current fraud-buddy, Plenty of Hoes is just plenty of garbage and plenty of headaches and plenty of nothing. Avoid them both and you’ll be much happier.

What should you use? 

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