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Events and Adventures Social Dating Review

Trying to find single folks who are looking for a new romantic flame is a fairly easy task. Just about every age & demographic contains folks that are fresh out of a breakup and ready to enter the dating pool. And, if you live in a major city or a college town, the dating pool becomes even larger.

But, for some people, it’s not enough to be single & attractive. You’ve also got to want adventure, crave spontaneity, and have a thirst for trying new things. Now clearly, this isn’t the type of person that’s going to be found on just another dating website. Sure, plenty of dating sites ask for personal details, but how many of these sites go as far as setting up dates & events?

That’s why today, I’m sharing what I learned while checking out Events & Adventures, a site that’s more likely to find you a kayaking partner than a second for dinner & a movie.

events and adventures site

My Review of Events and Adventures Network

So…can you add some excitement to your life with Events & Adventures? Let’s find out!

First Glances

Events & Adventures’ website is fairly well designed, with a white & cream backdrop and easy to spot top links. Due to the nature of the organization, there isn’t a ton of detailed information on the site, just event calendars and options for sign up.

However, one thing I did enjoy checking out was the site’s blog, which most recently had current members talking about a recent international trip they took with Events & Adventures.

Blogs are a fantastic way to promote products like this, as firsthand experiences are almost universally preferred.

Cost Involved

So the costs associated with Events & Adventures are quite a bit different than your more traditional dating company. This is primarily due to the fact that the organization has physical offices or “clubs” in 11 different U.S. cities, all of which charge different rates for memberships. Usually, new patrons can expect to pay somewhere around $100 to $200 a month.

Something else to keep in mind is that these costs aren’t necessarily going to cover anything besides club access. So the events that you opt into with a potential partner will have additional fees associated with them, sometimes as much as another $200.

Getting Signed Up

In another departure from the typical dating sites, Events & Adventures also has an age limit: Twenty-one. While this may turn off some folks, the idea here is that a lot of the activities you’ll be signed up for have age requirements as well, so this way you can avoid any awkward situations.

Another interesting component of Events & Adventures is they do away with the standard sign up process. Instead, all you’re required to enter initially is your age & marital status. Once you’ve passed this step, you’ll then be contacted by an Events & Adventures representative to set up an in-person interview.

If everything goes as expected and you’re accepted, you’ll be expected to sign an NDA, along with an admission contract. You’ll also be asked to pre-pay for your membership in advance, which can be for both 1- and 2-year terms.


The experiences offered up by Events & Experiences vary widely, so a lot of folks should have an easy time finding something exciting. If you’re more of an extreme sports junkie, they offer events like skiing, rock climbing, and paintball among their choices. For those living a tad less dangerously. There’s also plenty of interesting things to engage in, like cooking classes and Broadway shows.

Something that impressed us was the diversity offered here. Jazz brunches, wine tastings, whitewater rafting…just about everyone has a shot at having some fun here. You’re also not limited to a number of experiences you’re allowed to enjoy here. So, if it’s a particularly slow week or month you can really expand your wheelhouse.

International Options

Events & Adventures doesn’t just offer local experiences, they also provide the ability to go on longer international journeys. Usually, these experiences will be between 1 and 2 weeks and involve members spanning from all of the 11 cities inhabited by the club.

These trips are generally all-inclusive, meaning that costs include airfare, tours, and overnight stays. In the past year, they’ve gone to China, India, Peru, and the Florida Keys, just to name a few!

What If I Want Out?

Events & Adventures has a strict cancellation policy, which undoubtedly exists because of how expensive membership is. It’s likely more than one person has experienced buyer’s remorse.

At any rate, you’ll have just 24 hours from the time & date of payment to fully cancel your membership. If you miss this date, you’ve technically got an additional three days to cancel. Albeit…with a $400 processing fee to do so.

Frankly, it’s wise to do your homework with a site such as this. Do so in order to avoid situations where you lose your money. If you’re interested in getting the full breakdown for these policies, I recommend checking the fine print out on Events & Adventures’ website.

A Word To The Wise

While this doesn’t seem to be a major issue for them anymore, Events & Adventures was actually involved in a class-action lawsuit a few years back. It turned out that many potential users were being videotaped during the interview process without their consent.

While they seem to have done away with these practices nowadays, they were ordered to pay roughly 1 million dollars in damages. Definitely something to keep in mind.

The Bottom Line: Events & Adventures For All? No…

Look, Events & Adventures isn’t for everyone. Frankly, the cost of joining is a lot more than most people are willing to drop. Especially on date opportunities (even if they do involve skydiving). Dropping a couple of hundred dollars just to find another person who likes horseback riding? Certainly not an average expense.

But, if you’ve got the money for it & you’re new one of Events & Adventures 11 different cities, it might be the perfect way to make some new friends. And if you’re active enough, it stands to reason that you may even find a fellow adventurer to spend your life with!

So, for those that aren’t convinced about this network, you should head to the homepage and read this article over again.

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