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Tips for Turning Your One-Night Stand Into A Booty Call

best booty I've ever seen

One-night stands are just that, a one-and-done, no-strings-attached thing that everyone agrees is for pure pleasure. You get busy and your gal-pal for the night goes on her merry way. But, what if you’re kind of digging the girl you spent the evening with, but not quite enough to take it to relationship status? Then … Read more

The “Smoking Hot Body” Obituary You Must Read

Sexy lady

A woman named Sybil Hicks should get the award for raising children with a great sense of humor.  Hicks, who passed away at 81 years young on February 2, 2019, got an obituary that is making it’s way around social media.  While it may sound like something I’d love to reference in one of my milf … Read more

World Records for Marriage and Divorce

Marriage Records

I thought about putting this in the crazy news section, but some people don’t visit that part of The Nut Job, so I figured I’d put it in the blog roll so everyone could see it.  Today I’m going to speak about some absolute madness.  What I’m talking about is the Guiness Book of World … Read more