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February 11, 2019

The “Smoking Hot Body” Obituary You Must Read

Sexy lady

A woman named Sybil Hicks should get the award for raising children with a great sense of humor.  Hicks, who passed away at 81 years young on February 2, 2019, got an obituary that is making it’s way around social media.  While it may sound like something I’d love to reference in one of my milf articles, I’m not even going to poke fun at this because I was truly touched by this.  And also, I’ll say this, when I go, I’d like my funeral to be one that people can laugh at, so this story really hit home with me and I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

Woman’s Obituary After Cremation Cites “Smoking Hot Body”

Smoking Hot Body Obituary

The obituary of the year.

The first person obituary was a spin on Hicks talking about finally having “the smoking hot body” she always wanted.  (Since she was cremated, she’s not lying!)

Mom was never boring. Mom lived large. She would do anything for anyone. It was rare for Mom not to have a smile on her face. Mom was always ready for a laugh  – Hicks daughter.

But it didn’t stop there.  The obituary also referenced her loving husband, Ron, and went on to talk about how she “affectionately” referenced him as “a horse’s ass.”

She also referenced “tolerating” her children over the years, which was probably my favorite line of the obit.  She did have a more soft and somber note when she mentioned she wouldn’t be around to see “my sweetest grandchildren grow up” and “be the incredible people they are meant to be.”

Unfortunately death is one of the only promises we have in life.  People who take it in stride, live life to their fullest, and embrace life, like the Hicks’ children, make our society a better place.

Thanks for the solid laugh, the lovely obit, and for honoring your dear Mother.  May she rest in peace with that smoking hot body.

January 24, 2019

World Records for Marriage and Divorce

Marriage Records

I thought about putting this in the crazy news section, but some people don’t visit that part of The Nut Job, so I figured I’d put it in the blog roll so everyone could see it.  Today I’m going to speak about some absolute madness.  What I’m talking about is the Guiness Book of World Records for marriages and divorces!

What is the Most Amount of Times Someone Has Been Married?

The man who holds this dubious record is named Glynn Wolfe.  He was also know as Scotty Wolfe, most likely to get away from the stigma as a serial marriage type of guy.

All said and done, Wolfe maintains the record for the largest number of monogamous marriages at a strong 29.

The marriage of the shortest duration lasted just 19 days, while his longest went for eleven years.

He married the same woman three times (Chalotte Devane), and another two women (Katherine Archer, and Sharon Goodwin) twice.

Five us his marriages came to an abrupt end with his spouse dying.  I feel bad for him in that regard, funerals are no fun.

Wolfe was survived by his 30th wife.  

Ironically, his most successful (read: longest) marriage was to a woman 37 years younger than him.  (Sugar daddy sites work, you guys.)

Also of irony, his final marriage was to the woman who holds the dubious record of the most marriages for a female, at a whopping 23 times.  It was said that the marriage was a publicity stunt.

Wolfe passed away in Redlands, California, with under 50 days until his 89th birthday.  With “approximately” 40 children who should have been calling him “Dad,” his body mysterious went unclaimed.  On a very sad note, not a single child of his, nor one of the 29 women who he married (make that 24 since 5 were deceased) attended his funeral .

What is the Longest Marriage Ever?

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher made it 86 years.  I’ll tip my cap to that.  Wouldn’t happen in today’s era of swipe apps.

What is the Shortest Marriage Ever?

Kris & Kim Wedding

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian come to mind, but they actually went a month or so before than went haywire. All joking aside, there are many marriages that end up in divorce court just minutes, or hours after tying the knot.  Like Snoop Dogg sang famously,” it’s a crazy mixed up world, it’s a doggy dogg world.”

What is the Most Expensive Wedding Ever?


Believe it or not, some people spend a lot of money on their weddings.  I always enjoy a good party, as long as I’m not the one getting the bill at the end of the night, so I thought it would be interesting to see what the most expensive wedding in history is thought to be.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, had a custom stadium seating 20,000 people for his wedding to his bride Princess Salama.  34 private jets arrived at the scene in 1981, where the wedding bill was north of $100 million!  Dude, that’s a lot of lap dances, or better yet, dates with strippers.

How Old Were the Oldest Couple Ever to Divorce?

People grow apart, that’s part of the game.  In the case of Bertie and Jessie Wood, who were wed for 36 years, they decided to call it quits just under two years shy of their 100th birthdays.  Maybe they are tech savvy and one of them started hooking up with Instagram Thots?

For me, I’ll stay single and won’t flirt with winning – err – losing at life and setting any records.


January 15, 2019

Five Things To Never Wear On Any Date!

do not wear this on a date

There are rules for playing the single guy lifestyle and if you break those rules it’ll cost you. While there aren’t that many, there are some and trust me, I follow them every single day. Today I’m going to share some really important tips related to dressing for a date. Though we lean towards casual attire given that it’s a casual date, there are still some things that you should just refrain from wearing.

I can almost guarantee that if you wear any of these things to a hookup date or a first date you will be leaving by yourself and not even with blue balls. You won’t even get that far!

Cat tee shirt do not wear it

Five Things Never To Be Worn On A Date

So, I’m going to keep this relatively simple and quite frankly, I shouldn’t even have to share this with you but I will. If you’re wondering if I actually practice what I preach, you won’t catch me wearing any of the things I’m about to share below. Well, if there was a zombie apocalypse maybe and I was limited on clothing, but other than that, no way in hell.

Cat Tee Shirts

cat tees

You know all those cool cat tees that you see at Spencer’s and Hot Topic, leave them on the rack. No one thinks they’re cool. In fact, you look like a high school loser that’s been playing video games and jerking off to anime girls. No girl wants to bang a dude wearing cats and kittens. Get real or never get laid.

Scientology Tees and/or Tom Cruise Tees

Scientology tee shirts

The Church of Scientology is creepy and I don’t like Tom Cruise either because he’s the creepiest of them all. I can’t stand religion pushers and most people that I know rather jump out of a moving car than listen to someone try and convert them. Wearing your Scientology shirt shows that you’re the type that likes to follow others and that you’re pretty much a weirdo. Don’t even think about it.

A Visible Pocket Knife

guy wearing a pocket knife

Who the hell are you, Jeffrey Dahmer? If some girl walks in and sees that her date is sporting a pocket knife it doesn’t matter how big it is, she’s not thinking it’s macho. Instead, she already trying to think her way out of there without getting murdered. Oh, and if you pull out the pocket knife for any reason other than saving her from a robber, then you’re a psycho.

A Gun

man wearing a pistol

Really, if you even have to ask why I added this, then you’re a moron. Unless you’re an on-duty police officer with a license to carry and you’re in full uniform, then leave the gun at home. Starsky and Hutch don’t need any help and you’re not that important or rich – trust me. Oh, and try wearing a gun and meeting a crazy lady and she’s bound to go off the charts nuts on you. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding, just ask this woman right here.


photo of a guy wearing crocs

Are you over the age of 11 and do you own a pair of Crocs? If so, then you’ve just solidified the fact that you’re a complete loser. Women don’t think Crocs are cool. They’re practical for children and that’s about it. If you’re a grown man wearing Crocs, then you’re likely a fat loser or a super skinny loser that literally never gets laid ever.

Well, I kept this one pretty short and sweet but I wanted to give you some real guidance to help you avoid any embarrassment with regards to dressing for your date. If I even attempted to wear any of the items mentioned above which on a date in New York City, that date would last about 30 seconds max.

Why should you listen to me? You should listen to me because I’m the voice of reason and I know how to hook up with women. My smash and dash record doesn’t lie, nor do I, so take action and do the right thing. Purge all those items and prosper. One last thing, if you’re not using any dating sites yet, then perhaps you should start with the fuckbook network because you will hook up if you use it. Thank me later.

December 11, 2018

Why Most Married Men Are Unhappy

married men are unhappy

If you ask me, I think people who get married are nut jobs to the fullest extent. The most basic research on marriage will teach you that the divorce rate is at nearly fifty percent. What that number doesn’t account for is all the people who stay in marriages but are not truly happy.

When it comes to men, there are many of them who love their spouses dearly and do not want to get a divorce but are also extremely unhappy in their marriage. This may seem to be contradictory but it is actually a very common occurrence.

Why Are Most Men Unhappily Married? Find Out Now!

The most basic reason married men end up unhappy is that they didn’t fully grasp the idea of what marriage was before they jumped into it. Finding someone who you connect with on a physical and emotional level is an intense experience, and the power of love forces people into making decisions they don’t fully think about.

Your Life Will Change

Often, men underestimate the lifestyle change that comes along with marriage, and they expect that their previous lives will stay intact. Marriage requires a different level of time, energy, and financial commitment, and once these commitments are made, they are very difficult to undo without great consequence. A common theme amongst unhappily married men is feeling like they are trapped in their lives, and stuck in a routine in which they are unfulfilled.

Likewise, interpersonal dynamics often change once people get married. Men may feel like they are no longer appreciated in the same way, as the roles in the relationship may have changed after the marriage. Married men often feel like they lack control over their lives and schedules, and often have to concede things to their partner.

Resentment Often Exists

When they feel like these concessions aren’t appreciated, resentment begins to form and this compounds into other problems. Especially when children are added to the equation, men start to feel left out now that their partner has a new role as a mother and caregiver. They feel like they don’t get the same attention as before, and that their wife has become their mother; an authority figure who dictates what they can and cannot do.

Sex Does Change

The universal reason married men are unhappy is because the sexual dynamic in the relationship has changed after marriage. Married men often have no yearning for the pitfalls of single life and dating, and simply want the sexual interaction in the relationship to continue to evolve. Often, especially when children come into the fold, the sexual dynamic between partners quickly diminishes because of practical forces like time and fatigue.

The rigors of pregnancy and adult life may also result in transformations in the partner’s body that changes the level of attraction between the two partners. Men often feel like their wives have “let themselves go,” and no longer care about dressing sexy or being naughty now that they are deep into a marriage. The frequency of sexual interactions drops, and the spark is not the same as when they were first in love.


There are many reasons a man could be unhappy in a relationship, but they all often boil down to a lack of communication and understanding between the partners. Once this is established, it becomes clearer what the root cause of unhappiness is and can possibly be changed. If you’re willing to make a change, then great.

But if not, then get out now. Don’t make someone else suffer because you’re not happy. If both parties are not into it, then eventually things will die out and you’ll be divorced before you know it. Now, some folks choose to cheat on their partner versus flee the scene, but that’s your choice to make, not mine. Some folks don’t want to get a divorce, so they just do the unthinkable and hire an escort to fulfill their sexual needs and desires.

December 11, 2018

What is a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby?

sugar daddy dating

I love myself some sugar babies. Whether you’re on the hunt for a sugar daddy or sugar baby, I’ve got you covered 100% here with all the facts about it. Based on what I know, there are lots of CEOs and executives that are playing the sugar daddy and sugar momma role. Find out what this entails.

women love sugar daddies

Everything You Need To Know About Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Lifestyles

The term sugar daddy and baby is very popular in pop culture, but it often has a lot of negative connotations. That is because people don’t truly understand the connection between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby. Unlike what people may think, this relationship dynamic is very common and is based on respect and honesty, much like any other relationship. The difference is, it is obvious from the get go that money is an explicit component from which the very basis of the relationship is founded.

Often a sugar daddy is an older, well off man, who has a younger companion who is unable to afford this same lifestyle on their own. These men are often too busy for a traditional relationship and don’t have the time for typical dating norms, so creating a relationship that’s based on finances is convenient.

Who’s It For?

If you don’t have money to burn, then being a sugar daddy is not for you. Women who want sugar daddies are expensive. If you want a beautiful, feminine woman by your side at all times, you have to understand that there is a certain level of upkeep that comes with that. The woman spends money on getting her hair, nails, and waxing done, and often does these things on a weekly basis. Spending money on hair and skincare routines is the most basic component of being a sugar daddy. If you don’t intend on covering these costs at a minimum, you will be unable to find a suitable sugar baby.

Gifts Galore

Once this is out of the way, the maintenance budget will shift to clothes, so that she has something nice to wear when you go out. Going out is a central component of being a sugar daddy. If you are a sugar daddy, you live a certain lifestyle where you want to be in places that you can be seen with a beautiful woman.

You want a woman to take out to dinners, engage with culture, and go on vacation with. All of these things cost money, so the best sugar daddies prove that up front providing this lifestyle is easy for them and doesn’t affect their pocket. When you’re able to do these things, the inherent agreement is that other dynamics of the relationship are dictated by the sugar daddy.

Not All Just Sex For Money

While this seems to suggest sexual favors, the sugar daddy-baby relationship is not entirely like one you would have with an escort. With a sugar daddy, the expectation is that this is a long term arrangement, that allows for monthly allowances, gifts, and time spent together that is not sexual. However, it is implicit that the sugar daddy expects that his sexual preferences are met as a prerequisite to the arrangement.

In this way, sugar daddies are more men who are looking for an on demand girlfriend who does not require the typical day to day attention that monogamy requires, and replaces time spent with money spent. No matter the dynamics, a sugar daddy demands, the universal agreement is that spending money is much more valuable than spending time and that the sugar baby has no issue with this.

If you’re looking to have some fun and play this role, then you might want to check out aka You can also just try this site here that’s notorious for putting together hook up connections.

November 28, 2018

Reason To Never Get Married, EVER!

reasons to never get married

There are some real positives for not getting hitched. Some people don’t see it, but I’ll tell you right now, I most certainly do! History has shown us that marriage has been and stands to remain mainly an economic and political tool not based purely on romance. Back in the day, middle and lower class people used marriage as a way to profit via a dowry, and upper-class people used marriage as a tool to form alliances and political dynasties. Read about the origin of marriage on Wikipedia right here.

Getting married and having children was one of the only ways people had to build businesses and accrue power for themselves. Because of these reasons, marriage has often been seen as an archaic tradition that has historically oppressed women and reinforced antiquated gender dynamics.

Fast forward to the present…

In the modern age, marriage is no longer seen as a necessary component to having children. Women in the workforce and men staying home to do childcare have put traditional dynamics to a screeching halt. The messiness of divorce has cautioned people from pursuing marriage in the first place. These days, there are actually many benefits to never getting married. Which is exactly why I’m sharing the main reasons why I will never be getting married. The benefits are far too great, especially if you’re a financial powerhouse like myself.

don't get married

Main Reason Why Not Getting Married Is A Good (Perhaps Great) Idea

In circumstances like taxes, loans, and other societal benefits, society is still tilted towards those who get married. However, most people who never get married point to one major advantage: freedom of time and movement.

Monogamy forces people into a certain lifestyle that they often don’t realize they don’t want until they get into it. It has less to do with being able to have sexual partners and more to do with being able to be alone, spend time with yourself, and not be bound to any one relationship. Some people just want to have more freedom with sexual partners and that’s fine. In fact, that’s why they invented Ashley Madison and Instabang.

Relationships Are Saved

But marriages often force people to sacrifice other types of relationships so that you can maintain the marriage dynamic. Friendships and family connections often go to the wayside when you get married.

A benefit of never getting married is being able to give time to a wide range of relationships, and being able to pursue new ones without hurting someone else.

Money Matters Come Into Play

The financial implications of getting married are very serious. A wedding is incredibly expensive, and getting a living space that accommodates two or more people is often very pricey.

Having to adjust your living arrangements for your spouse may force you to move away from a city you love, or away from your family and friends. You may have to make work-related decisions to properly accommodate a wedded lifestyle and may be forced to take on loans you may not want to take.

Having Children Doesn’t Require Marriage

One of the most basic benefits of never getting married is that you don’t have to get married to have a loving, monogamous relationship that results in children. Because the divorce rate is so high, marriages that end in divorce create very complicated financial dynamics, especially when there are children involved.

Society is more respectful to unions that are not actual legal marriages, and many people feel that a piece of paper shouldn’t define a relationship and the institution establishes expectations and burdens that are ultimately harmful long term. The decision is up to each individual, but never getting married gives you the time and energy to make decisions that help you have the most fulfilling life possible.


Look, unless you’re in dire need of settling down with someone for some gain or if you really love them with all your heart and cannot see yourself with anyone else, then get married. But not getting married is a far better option if you ask me!

Less work, fewer headaches, fewer heartbreaks, and more sex. That’s what you’ve got to look forward to if you’re never planning on getting married throughout this lifetime. Screw marriage, just bang! Get started by reading this page on free sites to join.