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Adult Breastfeeding Dating Sites – Everything You Wish to Know

Adult Breastfeeding Dating

Today, my goal is to talk to you about a topic that most people feel is extremely weird, strange, or downright disturbing. Hey, I’m not here to judge you (unless it’s super illegal and dangerous, such as hiring a Bedpage girl). Really, we’re focused on adult breastfeeding and how it’s part of the dating world today.

Yes, I’m speaking about ABF/ANR. There’s plenty of slang flying around, so it’s time to prepare. Whether you like lactating moms or enjoy erotic lactation, you can find countless personal ads on dating sites specifically for this taboo fetish. It’s just like adults who prefer wearing diapers, but that’s totally different.

Regardless, if you’re one of many ABF fans, you probably shouldn’t try a regular dating site. It’s just too hard to find groups dedicated to those things if you’re not in the right place. Here’s what I’ve learned:

What Is Adult Breastfeeding?

Adult breastfeeding is still taboo in the dating realm. Women and men enjoy the art of breastfeeding, but they can’t just throw that knowledge to the general public. They would likely get judged as sick or strange. Therefore, ABF/ANR fans must find like-minded people in different ways.

Generally, adult breastfeeding happens for many reasons, and they aren’t always sexual. Yes, some men and women enjoy suckling and bonding with a lactating woman, which generally leads to naughty things.

However, breastfeeding as an adult can have practical purposes! Did you know that breast milk dries up if the baby doesn’t nurse for whatever reason? Some women prefer to keep their larger breasts after their children are finished nursing, so they need someone suckling constantly.

Regardless of your reason for breastfeeding as an adult, you probably can’t find someone in your normal circle of friends to help you. The ABF community is still quite small, and you wouldn’t have a great time if you asked your regular date to whip out her breast for dessert.

Whether you’ve been part of this world for a while or just discovered the fetish, you need a woman to share her bounty through a specific dating site. How do you know which websites are worth checking out and which are dead ends? I’ve created this review with basic information to help you navigate the world of ANR/ABF.

Top 10 Dating Sites for an Adult Nursing Relationship

Adult Nursing Relationship

Are you interested in an adult nursing relationship or erotic lactation? Here are my top websites for ANR/ABF requirements:

1. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is often called a traditional dating site, but don’t let the assumption fool you. It’s possible to find others who are into ABF/ANR, and most groups are dedicated to only that. Overall, the adult breastfeeding friend finder has a large network of reputable people. There are over 80 million members, so you can find someone matching your interests!

These people aren’t prudes, either! The ANR/ABF community on Adult Friend Finder is open, expressive, and knows what they want. There are no ads to deal with, and you can get a mobile app for Android and Apple devices. Plus, it features secure socket layer protection, so it might be the best method to get adult breastfed.

However, adult breastfeeding is still taboo, so the women ready to help with your craving for adult nursing relationships might not be local. While you can watch exclusive videos sometimes, it’s not like the real thing. Therefore, prepare to go on a road trip!

2. ABF Singles

If you don’t want a general dating site and prefer something specialized, ABF Singles is an excellent choice. In fact, ABF Singles is the largest suckling/lactation site on the planet, and everyone knows of it. Therefore, if you’re into ANR/ABF, become a member with a free account to see how it works.

Administrators know that the dating site is more controversial than others, so they must approve new members. No one strange will get through, but it might take time to get verified. The only problem with ABF Singles is it seems almost porn-like and cheesy, but it’s still a popular choice for the adult breastfeed singles community.

It’s all excellently done, including the personal bio, matchmaking based upon sex, and the tabs to help you find information.

3. FetLife

FetLife is the “original gangsta” of kink dating websites. It doesn’t matter what you’re into; you can find it here! That includes adult breastfeeding because it’s a large group of people who are active and very much into it.

Those who want online-only action are in luck, too. Some members of the ABF/ANR persuasion enjoy sharing videos, so you can get off without having to travel and meet people.

4. Dreams of Milk Forum

Are you the type of person who dreams about breastfeeding? Then Dreams of Milk is the perfect website for you. It’s a no-nonsense site, and members post what they want and provide contact information. However, there’s no vulgar behavior allowed here. The focus is more on health and branching out into the ABF world.

Search engines often find it hard to locate Dreams of Milk. However, if you’re ready for adult nursing and delicious breast milk, browse the site and discover an ANR milk provider IRL!

5. Lactating Dating

I’d have to say that Lactating Dating is a great entry into the ANR/ABF world. Sometimes, it feels like you’re seeing only regular women and not milkers, but that could be because this dating pool is pretty small. You’re still sure to find plenty of admirers. Lactating Dating is easy to join, and the creators took time to make it look nice.

The reason I give this a fair rating is that I’m not sure everyone is real. This site could have better security. Penetration isn’t implied, but I’d feel pretty weird on a library computer with people walking past and seeing some of the profiles. It’s almost like you’re dating lactating hookers!

6. ANR Connections

ANR Connections is a tight-knit community dedicated solely to ABF/ANR. You must answer tons of questions before joining, and the site moderators have to approve your membership first. Though it takes time, that’s a good thing! You know everyone there is serious!

Once you’re approved to join the site, you can access photo galleries, forums, events, blogs, and chats. However, it’s not a flashy website. In fact, some might call it bland, but you could still be happy here!


Adultbreastfeeding.US is a website completely dedicated to ANR/ABF and nothing else. It’s open to members in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. If you’re traveling and want someone to share her milk (or share yours with a man), you’re set! It also has a nice membership base, so you’re sure to find someone to spend time with!

8. Gift of Milk

If you’ve been in the ABF/ANR world for a while, you may remember a website called Land of Milk and Honey. Though it was popular, it’s now merged with Gift of Milk and is a super site for positive vibes and mothering. Therefore, you don’t get that kink feeling, but you can still find ladies willing to give up their breast milk.

You must be approved before you can join with a free account. Plus, the forums aren’t very busy. However, there are many great articles on the topic and some nice users ready to help those who like ANR/ABF.

9. ANRelationships

ANRelationships is here to help you find someone special who’s into adult nursing just like you. As with other dating sites, you must sign up, provide basic information, and let the algorithm work its magic to find dates for you.

This website is easy to use, but you should be careful while on it. Something just whispers to me that it might be shady, though I didn’t have a problem while using it. I’d recommend creating a burner email first, and don’t use social media accounts to sign up. If something feels off, click off and use another site.

10. Fling

I always come back to because it’s the best website, regardless of what you like. You can find adult breastfeeding to quench your thirst, but you don’t have to take my word for it. There are many cool features to enjoy. Adult men and many women have found their adult breastfeeding buddies here!

A Word about Reddit and Facebook

Reddit attracts all types of fetishes, and ANR/ABF is one of them. You can find many groups available, but they often show pornographic images; you can’t contact these women to meet for lactation.

There are breast milk Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter groups, as well. Generally, these focus more on the informational aspect of breastfeeding (for adults and babies). However, you can get excellent information!

What Are ABF Dating Sites?

ABF/ANR dating sites are for men and women who enjoy adult breastfeeding. Let’s break it down a little more, though.

ANR/ABF dating is where a lactating woman lets men (or women) suck on her breasts and drink breast milk. Usually, this is just her husband or boyfriend, and it happens for many reasons.

Breast milk is known to have more nutrition than cow’s or goat’s milk. Some men feel it makes them stronger or helps them think more critically. I don’t really know if that’s true, but it does feel amazing to suckle a woman’s breast!

Traditionally, men like it for pleasure. Whether you’re an ass man or a tit guy, sucking a tit can be very erotic. When you add the fact that you can get some breast milk, it’s downright exciting.

Most women like to keep their breasts firm, and after they stop lactating, they end up with saggy breasts. When a grown man continues sucking, the breasts look better.

Adult breastfeeding is actually historic. In Ancient Rome and the Early Modern World, people believed that breast milk was to be prized. Everyone wanted a taste because it held the nutrients a body required.

When you add “dating” to the mix, it takes on a slightly different connotation. Instead of helping the woman prevent the loss of breast milk or keeping her breasts firm, you do it for pleasure, which often leads to sex. Still, the feeling is generally the same.

I’ve included websites that focus on more motherly connections and those that are all about the kinky and taboo world of adult breastfeeding.

ANR and ABF Relationships/Communities

There aren’t many communities out there focused on ANR/ABF because it’s still a hushed sexual preference. Therefore, it might be hard to locate someone near you who has the fetish. Once you do find them, you must connect and see if you can have a long-term relationship.

Some men ask regular dates to breastfeed, but that rarely goes well. Most women think it’s weird. While there are pills a woman can take to start lactating, they don’t usually want to do that until they’re ready to have children.

It’s generally wise to find someone on a forum, directory, or website like the ones I’ve listed here. You know they’re into that fetish, so there’s no beating around the bush or getting embarrassed. Simply tell them what you want, meet up, and get it.

However, I must point out that you may have to travel. Lactating women with the fetish are hard to come by. Therefore, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Be patient, and things are sure to work out for you!


People can be into adult breastfeeding for many reasons. From health enhancements to sexual kinks, you can suckle a woman for whatever purpose you want. You’ve learned that there are plenty of dating sites that focus on erotic lactation, so you may find something that fits your needs.

My advice is to take action now and give one of them a try. You will be enjoying the tit-sucking fun soon!

Do you have a breast milk fetish or want to join a breast milk forum to discuss things relating to that topic? These are the best websites to consider!

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