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Fetoo Review – Is It What Fetish Friends Need for Fun, or Is It a Fake Site?

Fetoo Review

This review will help you understand if it’s a scam site and what other sites you might be interested in viewing. I feel that it can be great if you like trying new or kinky things. In fact, I’ve learned plenty about various dating sites, and I think this one could be excellent for fetish enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer SM, rubber, leather, adult breastfeeding, bondage, or something else, you should understand what this website offers.

Some think it’s an insufficient dating website, but it does have a free registration setup. Though you do have to weed out fictional person options, former customers do claim to have had real meetings with hotties. Let’s dive into the Fetoo review now!

The Review

If you’re interested in the kink lifestyle and want to try it yourself, it’s often hard to find a decent dating website that helps you meet like-minded people. Most traditional sites don’t have much in the way of kink, so you’re doing tons of work to meet other members with similar interests.

In fact, you can spend most of your time searching for the right person instead of getting down to the dirty talk. It’s often frustrating and leads you to forget about the whole thing. However, you may sign up for Fetoo and see real profiles and many women.

The site is dedicated to the fetish lifestyle. You don’t have to deal with a monthly membership, but you can buy credits to send messages to others. Overall, the smallest plan goes for $5.49 and gives you 220 coins.

However, you can save money by going with a more expensive plan. They include:

  • 500 coins for $10.99
  • 1,270 coins for $27.49
  • 2,640 coins for $54.99
  • 5,500 coins for $109.99

As with most things in life, you can end up spending more money than you think, making your fetish very expensive. Report info from other members indicates that you won’t find the highest quality of virtual profiles, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ripoff or total scam. Let’s learn more!

Online Dating Site Specifically for Fetish Fans

Some say it’s a big scam because it only caters to people interested in kink, such as a foot fetish or BDSM. However, you can join and play around with your preferences, and you can’t find that on most dating sites. Just ensure that you’re ready to act before sending messages.

Members here don’t just want to talk about the taboo. They prefer to act them out in real life. If you’re into cross-dressing, for example, you might wish to meet those members and actually dress in your costumes and show off.

Fetish Fan

Mobile Access to the Online Dating Website

There’s no mobile app for this fetish dating site, but you can use any mobile devices you want to access the landing page.

The Fetoo site has a fully responsive page, so you can access everything on a mobile browser. Log into your account with a tablet, phone, or laptop.

Thousands of Members

On top of everything else, you have full access to many virtual online profiles. This site has been open since 2006, so it’s built up a large user base. People use it successfully, and it’s part of a bigger network! Though you can’t access other sites, you could speak to the users.

There are no fake chat prevention methods in place, and you can encounter a fake profile. These bots often paste messages that make no sense. To ensure you’re not speaking to fictional people and wasting coins, I suggest asking an oddball question immediately. Send a message with, “What’s your favorite color?” If they don’t respond correctly, it’s probably a fake chat.

Design and Usability

Fetoo has a simple user interface, and it’s easy to sign up. You can view other members’ profiles and then browse them to start a relationship.

Verification and Safety

If you decide to delete your account, you must confirm your email address. Likewise, you can visit the My Profile page to change your email address or password. Then, you have to wait about two or three days before it deletes the account.

There isn’t much to the verification process. Generally, you must provide your contact details as a new member and include your bank account to purchase the credits for chatting. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you’re speaking to a real person.

There are moderated chat options, so you can ensure no one says mean things or threatens you.

Getting Free Coins

The website accepts men and women, but you should still indicate your preferences and describe who you’re looking for. Then, browse profiles and make appointments. Send virtual kisses, write messages, and arrange dates!

Fetoo offers a free and premium account. The latter comes with additional features, so you must purchase coins to talk to others. These coins are also used for different services, such as contacting other profiles and getting game cards.

One message costs 40 coins, but you can get free credits, which means you’re using the website for free.

There are surveys you can complete to send messages or buy coin packs to make life easier.

How Do These Dating Sites (like Fetoo) Work?

A fetish dating site allows you to sign up anonymously, describe your sexual kinks, and browse members to find what you like. It’s often worrisome to branch out into this virtual entertainment world, but it can be fun, as well.

You’re connecting with people who have similar interests, though that doesn’t guarantee a date. More often than not, you must sift through all the messages to find one that meets all your needs. Then, chat online for a bit before meeting in public!


This Fetoo review is coming to a close, but you can definitely use the dating site to explore your kinks, such as role play and more. New registrations are encouraged and free, but you do have to be careful of fake profiles.

Though there are no fake chat deals on the online dating platform, you can spend money and waste it if you meet negative comments or talk to someone created by professional animators.

Start living your fetish lifestyle and visit the landing page now!

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