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March 3, 2019

Farrah Abraham: From Teen Mom To Cam Model & Becoming Instafamous

Farrah Abraham profile pic

I’ve spent a TON of time doing my research on Farrah Abraham. She’s perhaps my favorite webcam model of all time. There are many reasons why I both adore and cam with her, which you’ll certainly be hearing about today.

Some think I’m an insane man for even wanting to watch her on cam, others are high five-ing me all the way to the computer.

For individuals immersed in the adult entertainment scene, so-called “camgirls” have been all the rage for years. Due to the prevalence of this particular career path, several of these women have turned their private cam channels into fully fledged modeling careers. There are a few that have literally become millionaires and business moguls doing so.

Make no mistake about it, Farrah Abraham is one of those women. She went from being on MTV’s Teen Mom TV Series to driving badass cars, creating her own sex toys, having sex with porn stars, and becoming one of the most famous cam models in America. Here’s everything I know about her and why you’ll probably fall in love with her just like I did.

Full disclosure: I did all I could to verify everything that’s published in this article. While I’ve done what I could, it’s possible that you may have a different opinion with regards to the individual.

teen mom farrah abraham wearing a swimsuit

The Unofficial Farrah Abraham Story (Told By A True Fan)

When I started researching a few of these women, I was immediately struck by their work ethic and creative approach to building a career outside of cam work. One of these women, Farrah Abraham, impressed me so much that I was driven to write this article, something I didn’t expect when I first started my research. Below, I get into all the facets of Farrah’s career and personality that have made her just so fascinating.

My Bio of Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 31st, 1991 to mother Debra Danielsen and father, Michael Abraham. Her parents have been quoted as saying that “Farrah…was exceptionally stubborn as a child, often…lashing out when she didn’t get what she wanted.” While I can’t confirm this particular detail, it seems likely that someone so determined to be successful would also be a difficult child.

Humble Beginnings

Farrah started her cam career unlike most others do, as a part-time side hustle to make some extra money. Instead, Farrah first gained notoriety by appearing on the show 16 and Pregnant in 2008 as (you guessed it) a teenaged, soon-to-be mother.

At this point, the young Farrah was only 17 and was struggling to deal with this newfound responsibility that was soon to be delivered to her…literally.

Due to the success of 16 and Pregnant, Farrah was able to appear on a spinoff later that year, entitled Teen Mom. First airing in 2009, Farrah appeared on the series until its finale in 2012.

Music and Literature

It was at this point that Farrah decided (in conjunction with her management, no doubt) that she should diversify into other avenues of entertain. So in 2012, shortly after the cancellation of Teen Mom, she released a memoir called “My Teenage Dream Ended” along with a studio album of the same name.

While her album didn’t exactly wow critics or the public, her book landed on the New York Times Bestseller list for several weeks.

Finding a Path

After 2012, Farrah tried a stint of different career paths, to limited results. It wasn’t until 2014 that she resurfaced, being cast in the fourth season of popular series Couples Therapy. During this period, a wave of controversy surrounded Farrah thanks to accusations from her assumed partner, Brian Dawe.

Shortly after the series started airing, Brain made claims that Abraham had hired him to play her boyfriend. He left Couples Therapy after just six weeks, Leaving Farrah as the only member of the show to continue therapy solo, choosing to instead focus on her fractured relationship with her mother.

An Adult Lifestyle

At the same time as the series was airing, Farrah was also pursuing a career in adult films. She filmed a single porno with famed adult actor and producer James Deen, which she shelved during the airing of Couples Therapy, at the suggestion of her management and PR.

The James Deen film was, according to Farrah: “An incredibly uncomfortable experience.” However, as Farrah reportedly sold this sex tape to Vivid Entertainment (to the tune of 1 million dollars), and then shortly after that recorded and released a second video with the same actor, I question whether the public was ever given the whole story.

For those of you not familiar with Vivid Entertainment, the company is owned by Steven Hirsch and they’re responsible for the publication and exposing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J. You know, the one that made her insanely rich and famous. Which she recently claims was all done due to taking ecstasy which I don’t believe a word of quite frankly. Here’s the report on that by TMZ.

Teen Mom, Part II

Immediately after this controversy, Farrah appeared in a continuation of MTV’s Teen Mom called Being Farrah. There were four “Being” series, all centered around the original four young women showcased on Teen Mom.

Farrah was released from this series after just one season, as the other former teen mothers felt that Abraham was “a terrible influence on their children.”

Stripped Down

Through 2013-14, Farrah was contracted for a series of residencies at three different gentleman’s clubs, reportedly to “make ends meet” between gigs.

The most popular of these clubs, Palazio’s Gentleman’s Club, purportedly paid her over $500,000 for a 3-month stint. Abraham has been quoted as stating that “stripping…has been a great way to support my child while I focus on new opportunities and creative endeavors.”

Another Shot

Enter 2015. Farrah Abraham was hired to be a part of the Celebrity Big Brother, a popular British reality television program. Her appearance was reportedly “uneventful,” and she ended up being the 5th housemate to be evicted after royally pissing off her fellow American roommate, Austin Armacost.

A few months later, she was given the opportunity to reappear on the sister program to Big Brother, called Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. During the 2-hour program, Farrah got into a physical altercation with her co-star, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. Both women received official warnings from the British police following the incident.


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Adult Modeling

In 2016, Farrah Abraham signed an exclusive contract with the CamSoda website, a company she remains with to this day. As one of their top performing models, Farrah maintains a following of over a million users, something she credits to her hardcore fitness regimen and insatiable sexual appetite.

I caught wind of this on a website dedicated to revealing new Camsoda models. I found out that the site published an article about how Farrah got a new vagina, and that she was going to be showing it off on Camsoda. Well, guess what it looks fantastic! Trust me on that one!

A Career in Cinema

Beginning in 2017, Farrah Abraham began her film career by appearing as Karen Sims in the film Adam K. Shortly after this, he played Fannie Rae Baker in the indie film Axeman 2: Overkill.

As of 2019, Farrah is still modeling full-time on CamSoda while she auditions for film roles. She’s expressed interest in finding primarily supporting roles, as “acting is a craft she’s still trying to perfect.”

farrah abraham wearing a sexy outfit

Farrah’s Real Claim to Fame

As for her daughter, whose arrival ultimately made Farrah Abraham famous, very little is known. Born Sophia Laurent Abraham in 2009, Farrah’s daughter splits her time between her mom’s house and her father’s, 16 and Pregnant star Derek Underwood.

While Farrah’s daughter spent her early years out of the public eye, she’s more recently been popping up on her mother’s social media accounts. It seems as though Farrah has decided that her daughter should become a more public component of her life, something I think humanizes her despite her various career flubs.


As you can see Farrah has done a ton of stuff over the years and her hustle and mindset are the reason why she is where she is today. There are plenty of people that have had the same opportunity as her.

I love everything about Farrah and will without a doubt be spending more time chatting with her on Eventually, I’d really like to attend one of her boxing matches.

Update: Okay, well I probably won’t be attending any of her boxing matches since she totally bailed on her last scheduled match and is now in a lawsuit with her promoter.

Even worse, it seems as though she was hit with other lawsuits for having stores close down without paying the rent on the lease. Turns out she might not be the best businesswoman after all. Whatever ~ that’s not going to stop me from messaging her so that I can see her toy herself on cam later this evening.

February 27, 2019

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Already Dating Someone in Vegas

90 Day Fiance

I have many vices, but none perhaps as bizarre as being a complete addict of 90 Day Fiance.  I’m far from the guy who becomes addicted to Reality TV, but this show just captured my mind due to the sheer amount of idiots that live in this world combined with the number of lunatics thinking they can co-mingle with a person from a culture they know nothing about.  I ready today that Larissa Dos Santos Lima is already dating someone else after getting walking papers from her husband, Colt Johnson, on January 11.  Today I’ll catch you up with what I know and share the gory details.

90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Dating a Man in Vegas

If you don’t know the premise of the show, here it is:

People meet, whether it be on a vacation, or online, and they fall in love. The caveat with this reality TV series is that these people live in different countries and have to go through hula hoops to get married.  The biggest hula hoop being that they have exactly 90 days to get married once the fiance arrives on US soil with a fiance visa.

What could go wrong, you ask?

Well, it all goes wrong.  Cultural issues, financial woes, promises of a better life that aren’t delivered, it all happens, and much, much more.  This show is for those of you who love drama, like me.

Today’s blog is about a couple who got married in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Not the best place to import your fresh off the boat bat shit crazy Brazilian girl, and I speak from experience as someone who has lived in Vegas and dated many South Americans.

But, Colt Johnson, a computer programmer who looks and acts every bit of the stereotypical part, did just that when he imported Larissa Dos Santos Lima, the fiery Brazil native who was arrested on January 11 on charges of domestic battery against him for – wait for it – the third time.   How she’s not deported yet after arriving and quickly becoming a serial offender is beyond me.    The first time she struck the poor computer dork (who actually seems like a really nice, homey guy on the show) was just days before they had their wedding.

What do you expect from people who met on social media and were engaged just five days after their first physical meet-up?

Upon hearing the news that Larissa is dating someone new, Colt told US (who first reported this story) that he had tried to reach out to her but she is blocked on every social media platform and won’t answer emails.  He doesn’t even know where she is currently residing.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Boyfriend

After revealing to the world via Instagram on February 17 that she had a boyfriend, she hasn’t revealed his identity yet.  If I’m that guy she’s dating, I would be hiding my identity as well.  In fact, I’d hit that, and run.  In addition to having a horrible accent, she’s a lunatic and really, not that hot.  I know, I know, it’s not all about looks.  But lets be real, she’s attacked a man three times.  She’s a loose cannon.


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That’s her cryptic photo she posted on Instagram of her new crush.

The identity will be revealed, however, at a divorce party scheduled for March 2nd at popular Las Vegas strip club Crazy Horse 3.  You can come and “meet her new boo,” as she announced on Instagram.

Ironically, not to be upstreamed, Johnson is having his divorce party the night before at the same location.  Can’t make this up.  Johnson also added in advance of his party that he is bringing someone special.

“I have a date for the divorce party, so that’s exciting,” – Colt Johnson.

I cringe when I read this.  People doing stuff because they think they are reality TV stars.  I like laughing, don’t get me wrong, and this show makes me laugh.  But, it’s the type of laughing nobody wants – it’s people being made fun of, ridiculed, and looked down upon. I feel sorry for the people on this show, because they are essentially being picked on for making awful decisions.

Then again, they signed up for both the show and the marriage.  Live, and hopefully, learn.

Johnson and Dos Santos Lima’s divorce is not finalized yet.