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FL and OH Police Sergeants Arrested For Soliciting Prostitution

While I’m typically not one to gossip and talk crap about people, I absolutely could not let this dust settle without commenting on the nonsense. I recently opened up my email only to find out that on two separate occasions, police officers in different states have been busted for solicitation of prostitution.

Officer Jason Mahle
Photo Credit Facebook/Broward Palm Beach New Times

Police Sergeants Busted For Hiring Prostitutes

The first incident that I want to share with you is quite disturbing. Keep in mind, this isn’t San Jose, Costa Rica where hiring call girls is okay. It all went down in Broward County in the Palm Beach area. There’s an officer by the name of Jason Scott Mahle, who’s, in fact, a Lauderhill Police Sergeant who admitted to doing something pretty awful. He admitted to offering women sex for cash.

Officer Mahle was arrested last month for soliciting a local prostitute and offering her a cool $200 in exchange for sex. The strange thing is that according to records, he’s been accused of doing these things in the past.

There are conduct reports that go back as far as 2011. Although these reports have in fact been cleared up, that still seems a bit strange that this type of thing would occur.

What’s most important is that according to Broward Palm Beach New Times, on January 12, 2019, Jason Mahle was arrested while in St. Petersburg, FL for violating a state statute which specifically prohibits anyone from prostitution and related acts. This is a pending case and I cannot and will not comment on it.

The only reason I’m reporting it today is that I want you to know that no matter how much power you think you have, you are not above the law. Prostitution is 100% illegal in Florida, Massachusetts, California, New York (where I’m living), and just about every other state here in the United States of America.

If Jason Mahle, an officer of the courts, can be arrested just like that for this type of inexcusable behavior, don’t think it cannot and will not happen to you.

If you think he’s the only one, THINK AGAIN

Now, for the record, as far as I’m concerned, nothing good comes from Cleveland. Not King James and certainly not Johnny Manzell and this proves just that. In Cleveland, Ohio, Sergeant Michael Rybarczyk was recently charged with 11 counts of solicitation of prostitution. The charges that were filed on the Sergeant of the First District of the Cleveland Police Department are about as strange as they get.

This officer was hurt in the line of duty at one point and received what’s known as the “Distinguished Service Medal,” back in 2013. The officer is now on restricted duty and his employment with the department is rightfully up in the air at this very moment.

I guess my point here is that both of these officers are playing both sides of the coin. They are putting people behind bars for the same crimes which they’re committing. Thankfully, someone saw something and spoke up about it. If these two members of their respectful Police Departments aren’t made an example of then I don’t ever see this ending.

If they got caught and arrested for hiring an escort, then what would stop any police officer from arresting you for committing the same crime?

It’s just not worth it!

Again, this is exactly why you do not hire hookers to show you 15 minutes of fun. It’s just not worth the risk in the United States. You’re better off either going on a trip where this type of thing is legal or just joining a social sex network that offers this type of thing for free.

Disclaimer: Nothing that I’ve shared today isn’t already public information. All of the records and sources have been provided below. I’m merely sharing what I’ve read based on the sources I have.


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