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Ice Bae Kiara Cervantes Goes Viral

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more nuts, people are raving about a customs and border patrol agent that is going by the hash tag “icebae.” Turns out, the trending woman’s real name is Kiara Cervantes, and she indeed is a Customs and Border Protection officer who was providing security for Vice President Mike Pence recently.  Today I’ll share the story of her unlikely rise to fame and provide as much background intel on her in a post that I will certainly be updating over time.

#IceBae Goes Viral

This pic is one of many that you can find of Cervantes, who recently came to her Twitter account to confirm she was doing her job when all of this fame started.

Kiara Cervantes Pic

Her photos went viral on social media because people thought she was “hot.”  She even got a lot of comments that made me chuckle, starting with:

ice bae

But, with any feel good story, there is always a part of the crowd who has to hate.  In this case, it’s a tough issue because these detention centers she is working for are costing the USA $4.5 million per day.  People are making comments in regards to the facilities being “concentration camps,” and some are being even more aggressive.  For brevity, I’ll spare you the comments and just stick to the story here.

Whatever your political views are, I ask that you push them aside for a short time and admire the beauty that is #ICEbae.  I certainly would enjoy her posing nude for Playboy, or just randomly appearing as a suggested swipe on one of the free hook up sites I frequent.

At the time of writing this post, which is day one of her climb to fame, she has 40,000 Twitter followers.  My guess is that number will rocket up to 100,000 by the end of the week as this story gets more play.  I’ll keep tabs on it and update you when possible.

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