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eHarmony Login and Free Trial (Get Yours Today)

Nowadays, trying to find your perfect, end-all-be-all soulmate is almost old-fashioned. Gone are the days where we over-romanticize the perils and pitfalls of our dating lives. That’s why eHarmony is so great, as it brings with it a fantastic list of questions meant to let you know people a little better, before ever reaching out. There are a ton of dating apps on the market that charge its users a pretty hefty fee, which makes the whole process a little more difficult for some folks to get interested in using. eHarmony avoids all that by letting its users sign up for a completely free trial account, allowing you to save your dollars until you’re convinced that the full, paid site is a good bet. If you do decide to pay for the full version of eHarmony, there are a bunch of great features that get unlocked. However, even during your trial, you’ll be able to browse new user profiles, message a few people, and generally “get your feet wet.”

eharmony free trials

Getting A Trial eHarmony Account

eHarmony gives you just a total of three days to make up your mind about their site, so it’s important to use it a lot while you’re enjoying your trial. While not everyone is going to find this period of time to be optimal, in my opinion, it’s more than enough time to find out if this site is right for you. What I’d recommend is setting up your profile on a Friday afternoon, which will let you check the site out all weekend long, thus improving your chances of finding a match or date before time runs out, and you’re forced to crack open your wallet.

The point above is also important because of eHarmony’s specialized “Guided communication,” which is specifically designed to help you start conversations. If you’re going to try this software out, you might as well do it during some of their busiest days, right?

Throughout these seventy hours, if you make the call that this app just isn’t the right fit for your lifestyle, the cancellation process couldn’t be easier. Just take care to keep track of your signup and deadline times, as even an hour or two over the line will result in a month’s worth of charges.

My Best Tricks For Getting A Free Trial

Setting up your initial profile is probably going to take a few minutes, so don’t get discouraged if you feel like it’s taking too long to get started. You’re going to want to fill out and answer all the questions they throw at you, including payment information for the trial plan. Make sure you go through your profile set up before you hit the payment options, as it’ll give you a little extra time to browse profiles for free instead of spending the first few moments of your free trial setting up a member profile.

What Next?

Now that you’ve solidified your free trial, it’s time to start checking out profiles that have been suggested for you. Remember, eHarmony doesn’t suggest that you browse random profiles. Instead, they’ll provide you with their best ideas for your match based on the questions you’ve already answered. As you start to look around, you’ll probably notice that viewing images in your matched profiles isn’t possible during your trial, unless you couch up a few extra dollars.

Instead of this, I’ve found a few ways to (at least temporarily) use these added features for free.

1) Free Communication Weekends

So alerts for these promotional weekends can be found on the registration page of eHarmony. While they typically only happen once or twice a month, it’s wise to keep on the lookout for these deals. If you wait to sign up until a Free Communication Weekend, you’ll have from Friday through Sunday to use the full-featured eHarmony site, at no additional cost!

2) Promo Codes

The second option for people who really want to save their money while still checking out the eHarmony dating site is to find some sort of promotional code through a third-party site. These codes will typically be in the form of either a free month’s subscription or a percentage off of your first month’s membership fees. Either way, websites like this tend to release promo codes pretty often, so keep a lookout for these sorts of bargains!

If you’re looking for something more risque and forward, then you might want to check out these sites here. You can find promo codes and free offers for those as well.

What’s The Fine Print On This Trial?

So, as I half-mentioned above, you will be required to enter payment information while registering for your free trial. What I didn’t mention is that this payment info will be used to take a refundable payment of $40 from your account. This tends to be off-putting for some, as just forgetting to log in and cancel a few hours too late could cost you a hefty chunk of money for a product you’ve decided not to purchase.

My advice here is to make a simple reminder, either on your calendar or phone. If you’re mature enough to be looking for a significant other, you’re probably responsible enough to keep track of when to cancel.

The Bottom Line

I can think of a plethora of reasons to try out eHarmony, even if only for a few days. Honestly, the matching algorithm by itself is interesting to try out, even if it’s just to get your daily match notifications and see if eHarmony has a handle on what you like. The site even provides a free profile analysis that you’re can take with you if you decide to opt out of a full membership.

Keep in mind, eHarmony has a rigid structure that isn’t for everyone. The questionnaires are fixed, and users aren’t able to add “quirky” person facts that they may find relevant. The $40 charge upfront is a sticking point as well. There’s also the frustration of not being able to share certain personal details or messages before you’ve upgraded. However, even with these few negative points, I’d still recommend giving a free trial a shot – click here. You just may find that their app is perfect for you! If not, there are plenty of other apps out there to tinker with, trust me!

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