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May 5, 2019

Tinder Super Likes Notification – What Is It?

Tinder Super Likes

The mobile app Tinder tends to be a fantastic way for individuals to meet locally for dating and short-term enjoyment. They’ve also expanded their offerings more recently to include Plus & Gold services, both of which allow you to meet people long distance, as well as locally.

tinder super like match

Tinder Super Likes (The Details)

As an app, Tinder has been steadily gaining popularity in the dating markets for years, and as it grows the buzz around it only intensifies. For a lot of folks, the transformation of the modern dating scene into something almost completely digital was almost unimaginable only ten or fifteen years ago. If you’re this sort of person, you should most definitely check out the online guides available on using the app as well as you can.

When you’re familiar with how to use Tinder, it’s a wonderful experience. The app allows you to sit in the comfort of your own home and browse for matches, as opposed to going to your local bar and trying to pick someone up. Tinder was the first to popularize the “swipe” that has become fairly ubiquitous within mobile dating apps. This works pretty simply, swiping your finger across the screen in either direction to indicate whether you’re interested in someone or not. If you’ve been selected by the individual you swipe right for, you’ll be matched and can start chatting immediately.

So, this is all pretty fun & functional, but what happens when swiping just becomes a little too commonplace? Well, remember when I mentioned the Plus and Gold memberships briefly above? This is where those added features become valuable, as they can really spice up your base level Tinder experience. Below, I’m going to cover a specific bonus feature offered by Tinder, called the “Super Like.”

So, What The Heck Is A Super Like?

So, boiled down to the simplest explanation, a super like is basically an extra signal to the other person that you’re very, very interested in them. Here’s how it works; Normally, when you swipe right on an individual, they won’t be notified unless they’ve swiped right on you as well. But when you make the extra step to super like a person, they’ll be notified immediately that you’ve… give them a wave, so to speak.

Tinder first released this feature in 2015, and it almost immediately created a buzz within the community. It definitely gives individuals a fighting chance to match with individuals that normally would pass a lot of people over due to the sheer number of matches they receive.

So, how do you super like someone? It’s actually pretty easy. Typically when you’re using the app (as well as other apps) you have to swipe either left or right, however when you find someone worth a super like, you’ll have to swipe upwards. There’s also a star icon sandwiched between the like and dislike buttons at the bottom of the screen which will perform the same action as a swipe upwards.

Is A Super Like The Right Move?

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether or not to use a super like because different people perceive them in different ways. A person might get really excited that an individual is so over the top interested in them. But for every one of these kinds of folks, there are others who will wonder why you’re so needy that you needed to use a special feature to try and grab their attention. These sorts of thoughts on their side of the situation can sometimes even bleed over into the conversations that occur once you’ve met.

There’s also a third contingent of people that just think the whole super like function is a complete waste of time, in that it nullifies the matching function that the app was initially designed to have.

While all of these perspectives have their merits, at the end of the day just follow your gut and do what feels right at the moment. Or, if you’re the third type of individuals here…just don’t use the feature!

Checking Out Your Super Likes

So, the first step to being able to see your super likes is by having your Tinder notifications set to “On,” after which you’ll be alerted to any super likes. Keep in mind that if you’ve only got a free Tinder profile (as opposed to the Gold or Plus profiles), you won’t be able to see who it was that super liked you until the two of you actually match. Some people actually prefer the basic, free profile as they enjoy the excitement that surrounds a super like without a face to go along with it.

If you’re a Plus or Gold member, you can tap on the initial super like notification from your phone to get you into the app. From there, you’ll swipe through a few standard profile cards before you come across a card outlined in blue. This will be the signal that you’re looking at your “super like” admirer. You’ll also notice a blue star icon displayed on their profile.

If you’re like a lot of other people, you don’t like to be bothered by phone notifications, which is why you may have your Tinder alerts turned off. This could be concerning for you, as you might be thinking, “What if I miss when an individual decides to Super Like my profile? Am I just out of luck?”

The answer is, not in the slightest! The only difference here is that you may have to swipe through a few additional profile cards before landing on your super like, as they’ll have been “shuffled” back into the “deck.”

Either way, you’ll be able to check out your super like with just a few swipes. You’ll also be able to see all of the super likes that you’ve matched with by looking at your list of total matches. Here, they’ll also be outlined in blue and have a blue star icon.

What I Think

The Tinder Super Like can be a powerful tool to help you find that perfect match, as long as you use it wisely. Individuals are only given a single Super Like per day, so you’ll want to be pretty sure that the person you’re looking at is worth the risk.

My advice? Download the app, upgrade your membership, and jump into one of the single biggest dating pools of the decade. If you’re into more risque stuff, then you’ll want to give this site here a shot instead.

February 5, 2019

Morning Wood Tracking App Might Save Your Love Life

Morning Wood Erections

Are you waking up with your soldier saluting you? Is your junk ready to rock and roll upon first sight of daylight? If so, then you’re doing something right. We all recognize those days where we wake up with a massive boner and even more so those days that we’re able to put it to good use first thing. You guys using those “casual” dating apps know that morning wood comes in handy for those overnights that commonly occur after a hard night of partying.

At any rate, you might remember one or two of these fantastic erections, but are you keeping track of your daily boners? If not, then you might be in trouble!

Assuming that you’re not waking up with a stiff penis, then you might have some health problems much deeper than your penis has seen.

Don’t worry though, there’s an app for that!

Morning Wood App

Track Your Morning Wood With Morning Glory

First off, for those that haven’t got a clue or are out in la la land, morning wood is a term used to reference waking up with an erection. Now that I got that out of the way for all the idiots, time to get down to business.

An app exists that allows you to track your morning erection activity. It was designed by two companies that I’m very familiar with and you likely are as well. One is a mega publication powerhouse Men’s Health and the other is a tech-based company solving erectile dysfunction problems for millions of Americans called, Roman.

Using the app is quite simple. I’ve provided instruction below for those that might need me to hold their hand throughout the process. I just realized how creepy and disgusting that sounded – my apologies.

Here’s how you use the Morning Glory app…

Step 1. Download the app on iTunes.

Step 2. Log into the app once downloaded.

Step 3. Click the YES or NO button to indicate whether you woke up with a boner.

The app will then keep track of your boner streaks or if the lack of morning wood sightings. The app will also make suggestions based on your morning boner behavior.

This smartphone app sounds like something that an adult company or a cam site might create, but I promise that it can really come in handy – again, poor choice of words.


Well, according to Men’s Health, not having morning wood can actually be a sign of something much more serious (other than the obvious erectile dysfunction issue). It can be the sign of a blocked blood vessel, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, and many other issues that men may be dealing with.

The folks over at Get Roman provided a video on the topic which I’ve shared with you below.

Now, what should you do if you are consistently waking up with zero wood and limp dick? Well, perhaps you should think about getting things checked out just to play it safe. There’s nothing worse than having a dick that doesn’t function. Well, I guess dying or having something major medically wrong is worse, but let’s face it, your manhood standing up straight is as important as it gets if you’re active on the dating scene today. Of course, if you’re paying for it, then it doesn’t much matter I guess – but your health still does!

While I don’t typically like to talk about things related to penis health, I know how important it is and that’s why I’ll be covering a heck of a lot more related topics in days to come.

Download the app and start tracking your morning wood. Do it now before something more serious happens to you.

Cheers to good hard on health.

November 2, 2018

Sites Like Backpage And Craigslist Personals

sites like backpage

With the U.S. Senate passing an online sex trafficking bill, SESTA/FOSTA, in April of 2018, many free online methods for hooking up are being taken down. Because of this, many people are struggling to find an alternative to sites like Backpage. With this loss in the casual dating world, loads of similar and just as shady sites are popping up in hopes of drawing in the loneliest and horniest men that are out there.

Backpage was formed in 2004 by Village Voice or New Times Media. While it didn’t originally set out to be an escort site, it quickly became just that, and the Federal government seized it in mid-April of 2018 as well as slapping federal charges on Backpage co-founder Michael Lacey.

So, what are the other sites that are alternatives to Backpage, you ask. There are many, but for this article, I focused on the top 10 that people have been turning to in their quest for an NSA encounter. However, I wouldn’t recommend any of these sites either. They have either already been hit by SESTA or will be soon. And believe me, you don’t want your name linked in any way to a website dealing in prostitution, especially with sex trafficking being such a huge issue.

sites like

Sites Like Backpage That You Need To Know About

I’ll just kick things off here…


One of the most popular free sites out there is Craigslist. You will see that their official personals section has been shut down, but some tricky users have found a way to get around the new rules. I have seen personals-type of ads posted in the Volunteer, Gigs, and Wanted sections. There are way fewer of these types of ads, so honestly, the time of Craigslist for casual dating is pretty much completely done.


A new one for me was Geebo. This site began in 2000 and is very similar to Craigslist in that you can buy and sell various goods as well as hire people for various services, find a job, find a roommate, or even a place to stay. What you can no longer do is hire an escort or get one of those special massages that men tend to like. In 2010 Geebo was busted for allowing ads involving drugs and prostitution, so it is best to avoid trying to find any ads that may have skirted the rules.


USFreeAds is another classified ad site and was actually around prior to Backpage. While this site is super easy to use, you want to avoid it. Take a quick peek at their personals section and you’ll see ads promoting prostitution or other pay-for-sex schemes. Remember, this is illegal activity we’re talking about here.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads is a site that is even easier to use than USFreeAds or Craigslist. It does have a personals section and there does seem to be some legitimate ads for dating there, even for casual dating. Just know this, there is no verification process whatsoever. Anybody can post, anyone can be behind an ad and this includes cops looking for “John’s”. If you decide to respond to any ads on Classified Ads, be very careful.

Now For Hiring Escorts

My next group of sites are all basically websites that are known to be strictly for hiring escorts. There is no hidden here, everything is just out in the open, which is really bad if you’re looking to avoid being connected to illegal activity. This is because of the recent legislation and the fact that it was obvious what these sites were for, most of them have been shut down in the U.S. Now, I’ve mentioned why I hate these New York escorts here if you need more reasoning to stay away.

Erotic Review

The Erotic Review was very much like Backpage and recently closed up shop because of legal issues. If it should come back again, avoid it. This site was full of nothing but pimps, prostitutes, and drug addicts looking to get money for their next fix. Read about it here.

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey was also recently shut down and users faced some big legal issues because of their involvement in purchasing prostitutes. Luckily for you, you won’t suffer the same fate as some of the men of the Erotic Monkey who were blasted through the newspapers and left paying hefty fines for indulging themselves in illegal activities.

Escort Babylon

Escort Babylon is banned in the United States but is still available for the time being in Canada. The ads are all ripped from other prostitution sites, so who knows if they’re even legit or if you’ll even get the girl pictured in the ad. I wouldn’t waste my time on anything shady like Escort Babylon.

Live Escort Reviews

Okay, you need to know that the Live Escort Reviews is a total sham. You think you’re getting escorts on this site, but all it does is lead to other sites, like Chaturbate. I have nothing against Chaturbate or any other cam site, but what I do have a problem with is being misled, which Live Escort Reviews is doing.

Adult Search

One site that is also still up and running is Adult Search. I’m positive it won’t be up much longer, between the escort ads and banner ads, this site has absolutely nothing to offer. I honestly think some of these types of sites are left up strictly for the purpose of busting horny men and I would avoid them all.


Finally, there is This site used to be hopping in the escort and prostitution game. Because it was so dangerous, however, it was another site that was also shut down not too long ago.


Using any escort site is highly risky, especially with new laws in effect in the United States. Of course, there are other risks as well, from getting robbed, beat up, a disease, or even just completely taken by women who have no interest in you beyond your money. If you need some attention and a hot date, it is best to avoid any escort site and instead try out your hand on of one of the many NSA, casual adult dating sites that are out there.

Are There Other Options?

Of course, there are other options out there where you can have sex with people for free. My advice would be to try the sites listed below.

Best Backpage Dating Networks Networks Ranking Rating Read Sign Up
1 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
2 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
3 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
4 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
5 ★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website