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February 12, 2019

Tight Vagina Talk: Is It Really Better?

tight vagina

I have strange conversations with my friends daily. One of the topics that recently came up was whether or not a tighter vagina was better and if it really made a difference. We got pretty deep here – pun intended. The conversation to a few weird spins but we hashed out a few things and came to a few conclusions.

Since we know women are constantly checking out our bulges (don’t lie) we thought why should you not have a private discussion on vagina tightness.

The very first thing that we did was start with Google to see what search suggestions came up. When search for “is a tight vagina” the other suggestions shown below are what populated.

Tight vagina searches online

You’ll notice that LOTS of people are talking about this, not just me and my buddies. Folks want to know if having “it” tighter is better. Here’s the scoop and what we dug up during our convo. Perhaps our findings might help you, perhaps they won’t. Regardless, you’ll have a tight grip on the subject.

Are you interested in getting to the bottom of this tight talk?

Tell us, please

Great, let’s get down to business…

Is There A High Demand For Really Tight Vagina?

I’m a data guy and economist so supply and demand are all I think about. Is there truly an insane demand for extremely tight vaginas in the world today? Well, you’ve heard the old, “hot dog down a hallway” or “feeding a tick tack to a whale” analogies right? People today are constantly using those words to describe the female vagina which they feel is overly used, stretched out, or not to their liking.

Hot Dog

For the men out there that think a narrower vagina is the answer to their prayers, think again. They’re wrong, dead wrong.

It’s not the narrowness that makes it feel tight but the muscles around the vagina that are responsible for this. They’re called the pelvic floor muscles. It’s not the strength of these muscles either but the motion of them while doing it that plays a role.

Think of it this way. When you have an erection, your penis gets hard and the muscle fills with blood flow. This same concept applies to the pelvic floor muscles when a female becomes sexually aroused.

Guys, listen up, if you think that a loose vagina comes from being overused or worked too much due to having too much sex, you’re 100% wrong.

Just Squeeze For Success? Nope.

People think that squeezing helps and that it is closely correlated with feeling pleasure. Guess what, all the publications out there sharing this information are wrong.

Sure, it plays a small role but without the perfect mixture of physical and emotional arousal, there will be less pleasure all around for all parties involved.

Is Too Tight Really Possible?

If you ask some of my friends out there, they’ll tell you that it’s impossible for a vagina to be too tight. Perhaps that’s because they’ve got small dicks and don’t know what they’re talking about.

The truth is that a vagina can be too tight. Both people having sex can be extremely uncomfortable if a vagina is too tight. Perhaps it has something to do with not being wet enough, uncontrollable constrictions while having sex and many other factors.

If you’re finding that there is a lot of physical discomfort between you and your partner while having sex, then stop – just STOP.

Changes Do Really Take Place

My buddies and I researched whether or not vaginas can change and sure enough, they can. Most people think that they only stretch out or get loose. Again, a completely false assumption, but the good news is that the vagina can change and it can not only become less tight but tighter as well.

Things like menopause, childbirth, kegel exercises, cosmetic surgery, tightening serums and more can impact the tightness of a vagina.

Most guys think that when a woman has vaginal rejuvenation that she’s going to feel tighter and better, but that’s not always the case and this study proves it.

Husband Stitches After Giving Birth

One of my friends is married with a kid and he started talking about this thing called the “Husband Stitch.” Husbands want a tight vagina right?

Love it , want more

For those not aware, it’s an extra stitch of the act of making the vagina tighter after giving birth. This practice does exist and it might make your baby momma’s vagina tighter as a result of placing a few extra stitches in there. However, it can also backfire and make things too tight or even worse, get infected after surgery.

Don’t go asking the doctor to put a few extra stitches in there either, that’s just poor taste.


I guess the main conclusion that we came to was that loose or tight, spending too much time worrying about or thinking about a vagina being one way or the other is a waste of time. It opens up pandora’s box and that’s a box you don’t want to get inside.

The good news is that if you’re nervous that you’re inadequate or that the person you’re sleeping with is not a good fit for you, then you’ve got other options. I find that almost every woman I speak with via the dating apps that I use are completely open and honest about their bodies.

They’re only using these casual hookup apps because they want sex, not because they want to be examined by an insecure guy worried about the anatomy of the female genitalia. Join a casual site, meet someone looking to simply have fun and do just that. Leave the vagina tightness inspections at the front door.

Think if it this way, we’re only here for a short period of time, eventually, we end up with an obituary (hopefully like this one) and it doesn’t make sense to make fun of people or worry about things like tight and loose vaginas. Just have fun, experience life with people and live!

You’re welcome!

Special thanks to¬† for letting us use his vagina artwork in the featured section. It’s incredible!

February 6, 2019

Erectile Dysfunction Drug Comparison

Cactus in Erectile Dysfunction ad

As you may know, the use of erectile dysfunction drugs is rampant today and there are many brands to consider if you’re having issues. The main erectile dysfunction (ED) pills or drugs are made available by various brands that exist on the market today.

If you’re in a relationship with someone (married or serious with someone) or actively dating random people, then chances are you’re sexually active (or would like to be).

There are a few different types of drugs available on the market but most of them either contain sildenafil or tadalafil. Both of these drugs are vasodilators. They treat other conditions but problems with obtaining or achieving an erection are the main problem that these treat. The drugs’ effectiveness has been documented widely. For example, studies have been conducted on men over the years to document the effectiveness of all drugs mentioned below.

Before you go buying any of the ED drugs on the market today, I suggest reading that you know what you’re going to be taking and get a better grasp of things. In order to help you do so, I’ve provided you with a product/drug comparison chart.

Full disclosure: It’s important that you understand that I’m not a doctor and this information should not be taken or used as medical advice. I’m simply sharing my personal thoughts based on research I’ve done. Always consult with your doctor before attempting to take any medications or drugs, period.

Erectile Dysfunction drugs

Quick Comparison Of Every Erectile Dysfunction Drug (2019)

As previously stated, this is just to give you some new information to help you make better decisions and it’s not medical advice. Speak with your primary care physician before taking any medications.


This is the most widely known brand of ED pills, commonly referred to as the magic blue pill. Doctors have been prescribing Viagra to men with erectile dysfunction issues for years. The common dosage is 50mg but it comes in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg pills. The main ingredient of this drug is sildenafil citrate. It’s typically prescribed to men who are 65 years of age or older.

As far as taking the drug is concerned, patients typically take is 30 to 60 minutes before having sex. The drug can work for up to a 4 hour period. Anything longer than that is certainly something to be concerned about.

If you’re going to take this, it’s best to do so on an empty stomach as a diet high in fats might make it less effective.


Next on the list is Levitra which is vardenafil hydrochloride and is given to patients orally. This drug has been around since 2003 and many doctors prescribe this to patients depending on their physical condition and the symptoms/medical issues they’re dealing with.

The Levitra is typically taken an hour before having sex and it works for roughly 4 to 5 hours. Some patients feel that this is a more effective drug than Viagra, but every patient is different. As for dosing, the common dose is 10mg but some folks start with as little as 5mg if they are over the age of 65.

As for side effects, supposedly the high-fat diet should be avoided as should grapefruit juice. Don’t as me why, but I guess many complain that it makes the symptoms worse.


The For Hims brand is another product that’s similar to Viagra. It’s the sildenafil, which is an FDA approved drug for erectile dysfunction but they sell it a little bit differently. You’re able to purchase this via online without having to physically meet with a physician. They sell it for $30 versus the typically high cost of Viagra. I’d also like to point out that they too sell Viagra but it costs $425.

For Hims gives their customers an online physical assessment with one of their doctors and for $30 they sell five 40mg pills of sildenafil. The stipulation is that it’s a monthly subscription to the product. So, you’re billed monthly for the ED pills that show up in your mailbox.

Get Roman

Another newbie on the erectile dysfunction scene, Get Roman provides consumers with a way to purchase ED pills from U.S. licensed physicians. You first speak with a physician and explain to them your issues. This is a 5-minute consultation. A few hours later, a doctor reviews the information and communicates with you what steps you need to take in order to deal with your condition. It’s a process called telehealth and technology that makes it effortless to consult with a physician.

They sell a number of different medications and the prices vary depending on what you’re trying to purchase. For example, the sildenafil is available in doses of 20mg to 100mg and the cost per dose varies from $2 to $10. They also offer generic Viagra which is far more expensive at $34 per dose and branded Viagra at $70 per dose. If you’re more of a Cialis fan, they have generic and branded versions of that product available as well.


Speaking of Cialis so much, time to cover of it here. This product typically comes in two forms which are daily pills and another pill called the weekender which I consider the fast-acting version of the original pill. The highest dose of this drug is 20mg and that’s what’s commonly taken to kick in within a half hour or so.

Men taking this daily will typically start out with 2.5 mg or 5mg and see how they react to it. They go to the weekender which is the higher dose of 10-20mg depending on how they feel on the lower does. If you’re a big fan of drinking alcohol, then you probably shouldn’t be taking any Cialis. That holds especially true if you’re drinking more than five drinks daily. Aside from that, you can take this with or without food, whatever is most comfortable for you.


This is an FDA approved treatment for erectile dysfunction. These are avanafil tablets which patients take to help treat their ED issues. It requires a prescription and should only be taken by men over the age of 18. According to the company website, it’s a second generation PDE-5 inhibitor. The drug is said to be safe for those eating and drinking what they’d like, providing that the alcohol consumption is kept to three drinks or less.

Men apparently take this and have it work within a matter of minutes (10-12 mins) but it typically takes 30 minutes to work. Patients typically start with a dosage of 100mg but for those that are on alpha-blockers, it’s recommended that they start with 50mg instead.


This ED drug is a tablet that dissolves quickly in your mouth. It’s typically taken 1-hour before having sexual intercourse but many people have reported that the effects kick in within 20 minutes.

This vasodilator typically costs about $165 for 4 tablets. The dosage is 10mg and it is not recommended to exceed that dosage daily. It’s best to avoid alcohol too when taking this product. Yes, Staxyn’s main ingredient is vardenafil.

Which Is Best?

See, that’s the tricky part. It’s really not my place to say what is the best approach for you. This is why it’s important to speak with your doctor or a licensed physician before trying any of these erectile dysfunction drugs. I’ll leave you by saying that under no circumstances should you be taking these pills without obtaining them from a physician that’s treating you regularly.

Should you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. Oh, and if you’re not sure if you need an ED pill, then perhaps you should start tracking your morning wood using an app. Identifying whether a problem exists is always step number one.

Special thanks to for sourcing the featured image. Solid marketing on their part!