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Semenax Review – Does Semenax Work?

Semenax Review

Sexual health is often touted as a woman’s problem because most people focus on contraception and fertility. However, it can affect men as well. In fact, many overlook male sexual health, which leads to severe issues later. Male fertility is an area of male sexual health that’s often overlooked. Though it takes two people to … Read more

How to Have Bigger Cumshots

Bigger Cumshots

Have you ever seen porn stars on television and wondered how they ejaculate so much? Most guys think they can’t do the same thing, but if you have the right tips, it’s fairly easy to accomplish! I won’t lie; there’s some effort from you involved, but it will be totally worth it because you can … Read more

How to Cum a Lot More

Increase Sperm

Men usually learn how to cum from an early age, and they feel comfortable with their bodies. However, if you watch how porn stars do it, you may think that you’re not happy with the amount of semen produced. Though there may be nothing wrong with your body, a lower semen volume can cause problems … Read more

Tight Vagina Talk: Is It Really Better?

tight vagina

I have strange conversations with my friends daily. One of the topics that recently came up was whether or not a tighter vagina was better and if it really made a difference. We got pretty deep here – pun intended. The conversation to a few weird spins but we hashed out a few things and … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction Drug Comparison

Cactus in Erectile Dysfunction ad

As you may know, the use of erectile dysfunction drugs is rampant today and there are many brands to consider if you’re having issues. The main erectile dysfunction (ED) pills or drugs are made available by various brands that exist on the market today. If you’re in a relationship with someone (married or serious with … Read more