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LesbieMates Review: is it Right for You?

LesbieMates Review

These days, it is possible to find dating sites catering to all dating types. Some of these all-inclusive sites are quite impressive, but not all are suitable when looking for the most exceptional dating experience. And that seems true when you talk about lesbian dating.

Whether you are a girl looking for another girl or you are a couple looking for a woman to join you for a threesome, you can find niche dating platforms with ease. But, finding the best is the real catch, and that is when many people put their money on Lesbiemates. The question is, “Should you really put your money on this lesbian site?” Here is a quick review to help you decide!

Categories to Explore

LesbieMates dating is a unique online platform. It is mainly utilized as a dedicated dating platform for women who identify as lesbian or bisexual, providing a specialized space for connecting with like-minded individuals. It caters to individuals seeking same-sex encounters between women, but there is also a significant presence of users interested in plus-size individuals.

In fact, it is an impressive platform for BBW lesbian flirting, hookups, and dating. But, it is also a great place to start if you are not solely looking for BBWs but still want to be with a woman seeking women for hookups and dating. While many individuals fall into these classifications, it is possible to encounter a wider range of users.

Nonetheless, the website’s unique feature is its exclusivity, which sets it apart from other dating platforms by not having any male members.

How does it Work?

The registration process on is user-friendly and easy to follow. Upon accessing the homepage, you are greeted by a polished and user-friendly interface that emanates a sense of professionalism.

To embark on your adventure, you begin by providing essential information like your age, birthdate, location, and email address. After filling out these fields, just click on the ‘Join now!’ button. You will receive a request to confirm your email address, marking the completion of the first phase of the registration process.

This procedure effortlessly corresponds with the ones discovered on numerous other dating platforms, rendering it recognizable to the majority of users.

The next step is to customize your profile. Here, you have the option to upload a profile picture and indicate the specific type of person you would like to connect with, such as a lesbian or a lesbian with a curvy figure.

In general, the registration process at is designed to be user-friendly, making it among the best hookup apps in terms of ease of joining.


You can find many interesting features on this site, which is why it delivers a solid dating experience.

The platform’s customization feature allows you to tailor your search to suit your specific preferences. This includes the option to select ‘body type’ for individuals interested in BBW lesbians.

You can also use various filters and determine who you want to date. The matchmaking algorithm seems quite robust, which is why you are likely to meet someone who looks like the perfect match.


LesbieMates places utmost importance on ensuring safety and safeguarding data.

The website employs SSL encryption to safeguard your information and minimize potential security threats. By enabling the ‘safe mode’ feature, you can activate an extra level of security that implements advanced measures to enhance the protection of your personal information.

Membership Options

You can find various plans on this dating site.As an unpaid member, you have access to a range of services, such as creating an account, sharing images, and exploring search outcomes. You also have the privilege of receiving five complimentary messages each day, allowing you to assess the site’s performance and determine if it meets your expectations.

For individuals in search of an elevated experience, a deluxe membership provides a multitude of benefits.Exclusive members receive extra VIP benefits, including high-quality images, unlimited messaging, and the ability to view locked photos and profile information.

By opting for the paid subscription, you can greatly enhance your abilities on the platform, improving the likelihood of discovering a compatible match and cultivating a more fulfilling dating journey.

Things to Consider

LesbieMates is a meticulously designed platform that caters to the unique requirements of the lesbian community. While its primary objective is to provide a secure environment for lesbians to connect and potentially establish significant connections, its inclusivity might be slightly restricted as it does not cater exclusively to BBWs. BBWs, as a distinct subgroup within the lesbian community, may seek a more specialized approach.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that this should not diminish the overall functionality and inclusiveness of the website. In general, LesbieMates does a great job of offering a trustworthy platform for lesbian individuals. However, incorporating some additional variety could further enhance its attractiveness.

Bottom line

If you are interested in exploring BBW lesbians and more, using makes a lot of sense.It offers a diverse community of lesbian individuals, ensuring that you will discover someone who aligns with your preferences. They are open to flirting, chatting, and even the possibility of going on a date with you. The website has a remarkably polished appearance, lacking any elements that might deter users. Upon initial access, the website exudes an air of reliability, instilling a sense of trustworthiness. There may be a few glitches down the road, but nothing serious. Overall, it definitely deserves your attention if you are looking for lesbian dating.

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