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What Is the Best Hookup App for iPhone?

Hookup App for iPhone

Whether you want to make new friends or find a committed relationship, there’s always a dating app for you. However, some people think it’s bad to use a dating app to get into a one-time fling. You shouldn’t worry about what people think, though. As long as both parties consent to having sex, you can hook up with whoever you want.

The problem with hooking up apps is not many people trust them or think it’s lame to use them. Therefore, they are scared of admitting they use dating apps to find a hookup. Nonetheless, if you get into the right dating app, you can meet people who want the same as you.

Most dating apps focus on monogamous relationships and serious dates, so if you are looking for the best hookup apps for iPhone, this is the page for you. Dive into this page to know the best dating apps in 2022! All the apps on this page are excellent alternatives that offer different services, so feel free to pick any of them.

It’s worth noting this article focuses on hookup apps, so even if there are other apps with better platforms or matching features, they won’t be here if they don’t work for people who just want to find casual sex close to them.

What to Look for in a Hookup Dating App

Before showing you the best dating and hookup apps for iPhone, you should know what to look for on one of these platforms.


Firstly, and although this could apply to any other iPhone app, it’s always good to use apps with intuitive platforms that don’t overcomplicate things for you.

If you already made sure the dating app you want to use has a straightforward matching process, you should try checking out if the app offers what you want. As we mentioned before, all iPhone dating apps offer different things, and you don’t want to use a hookup app if you want a serious relationship.

The same happens with niche iPhone dating apps that let people explore their kinks since they are not fit for people looking for vanilla sexual preferences.

Match making

Profile Customization

Profile customization is also something the best hookup apps always offer, and they allow you to know as much as you can about the people you reach out to. Nonetheless, having room for profile customization doesn’t mean taking half an hour filling a high school questionnaire, so don’t worry about the apps on this page being like that.

Free Features

Not everyone is willing to pay a dating app fee to enjoy additional services, so all iOS dating apps on this page have a free version. Regardless of that, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some in-app purchases since most free dating apps have them.

What Are the Five Best Hookup Dating Apps for iPhone?

Without further ado, it’s time to know the best iPhone dating apps for people looking for a quick hookup. As we mentioned before, all the apps on this list allow you, at some point, to plan a casual hookup with the person you match with, so pick the one you feel more comfortable using.

#1 Tinder – Biggest iOS Dating App

Tinder is, by far, the most popular dating app worldwide, so it’s always a safe option for everyone. Although Tinder claims to be a dating app for people looking forward to starting committed relationships, many of its users see it as a hookup app and only use it as that. This app has in-app purchases.

The process to find hookups through Tinder has been copied by other online dating platforms due to how effective and straightforward it is. The only thing you have to do is swipe right if you like the profile of the person you are seeing on screen, if they like you back, you are a match and can start talking.

#2 Grindr – Best for Hooking Up with Gay Men

Grindr is almost as popular as Tinder since it focuses on helping gay men find compatible matches for a committed relationship or just casual dating. This is the best gay hookup app online, and it also uses a geolocation matching system.

However, Grindr has excellent features you can’t find on other free hookup apps, and one of them is the filters you can use when looking for a match. You can filter the profiles that appear on your phone by age, personality type, and the type of relationships they are looking forward to finding.

#3 Pure – Best for Finding Fast Hookups

Pure is one of the few top iOS dating apps that focuses entirely on hookups. If you want to avoid timewasters and are just looking for casual relationships, Pure is the app for you. This app encourages you to stay active by deleting your profile every 60 minutes, and that way, the people you talked to in the past can’t see it again, even if they want to.

The best thing about this app is that it encourages everyone to plan a meetup as soon as they can since they have a time limit to do it after they match with another person.

#4 Feeld – Best for Exploring Kinky Sexual Preferences

One of the main issues with most online dating apps is that the majority of its users only look for vanilla sex and are not up for trying new things while hooking up. This iOS dating app understands that and focuses on only matching people with different kinks and various sexual preferences apart from the vanilla sexuality spectrum.

Feeld started as “Tinder for threesomes,” but Tinder sued the company, and the team changed the name. People using this app can even look for committed polyamorous relationships, so you can even access it if you don’t want a casual hookup but still don’t feel comfortable having a monogamous partner.

#5 Happn – Best for Finding People to Hook Up within your Area

Happn is one of the most famous dating apps out there since it’s, for most people, the best alternative to Tinder on the market. Hence, you can expect it to have similar features. Regardless of that, Happn has a different goal from Tinder.

In a nutshell, this app focuses on matching you with people nearby, which is highly convenient for scheduling fast hookups without getting too far from home. Happn even has a partnership with Spotify to let you know what the person you match with likes to listen to.

Bottom Line – Should I Try Other Hookup Apps?

There are many hooking-up apps on the market, and although you are free to try them all, we recommend you stay with the ones we mentioned on this list. The reason for this is these are the best free hookup apps out there, and while others may be excellent for finding potential matches, they may not offer the same features and simplicity as the ones you read here.

Sign up for any of the apps we mentioned on this list, and start hooking up as much as you can!

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