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What Do Women Want In Men?

Whether you’re living in New York City such as myself or if you’re living in the Midwest, you need to know what women want if you want to date successfully – be it casual or something more serious. I’ve done all I can to help you understand what women want today. If you’re smart enough to read this top to bottom, then you might actually get lucky…

Building and maintaining relationships is often the hardest thing anyone ever has to do in life. Finding someone you are compatible with, who you are able to grow and evolve with, is no easy task. The rules of love and lust are complicated, and men often are on the outside looking in when it comes to understanding how to navigate relationship dynamics (short term and long term).

There is no sure fire way to appeal to any one person, as everyone is different, but there are some basic relationship tenets that men should employ when trying to pursue the woman of their dreams.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if you think it’s the person of your dreams or just some quick fling. The same rules apply if you want to WIN. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind…

What Women Want

Here’s What Women Want (Must-Knows If You Want To Hookup)

This covers everything important that you need to know, nuff said. I’ll kick things off with perhaps the most important thing…

Respect / Communication

No matter your approach, the first thing men should keep in mind when trying to discover what a women may want, is that respect and communication is key. Men are often clueless when it comes to the opposite sex because they don’t approach situations with basic respect.

This is why I’m constantly telling you to not just send random Snapchat messages or explicit DMs. You’ve got to think like a female to get one.

A woman wants a man that respects her as an individual before anything. Once a woman understands that you will maintain a certain level of respect, then you can move on to communicating in a more open fashion. If you want to know what a women wants, you should just ask her!

This initial stepping stone will help clear up many issues up front.

Be Honest, Don’t Dick Around

Likewise, women want a man that is honest and transparent in their communication. Anyone can be a smooth talker, I’m a perfect example of that to be honest, but when it comes down to it, a woman wants to know she can trust what she is being told.

Establishing this dynamic early on is crucial to building a more meaningful progressive relationship. Now, this easily applies to casual dating because you need to be able to speak with the person via chat, iMessage, video, whatever and you need to be honest about your intentions e.g. just hooking up.

Communication Discovers Chemistry

Sounds cheesy right? I agree, but I’ve gotta say, being a New Yorker, I’ve got to communicate effectively or I’ll get no where. The dating pool is fierce and without communicating, you’re not going to be able to establish any type of of chemistry, PERIOD.

As you navigate the early stages of honest communication, then you can begin to discover if there is actual romantic chemistry. Men don’t always understand that a woman may like talking to you and being around you, while also not feeling any true romantic chemistry.

Generally speaking, women want a man that can make her laugh, can be a good listener, and is attentive in learning and understanding her interests. You can build chemistry over time even if the sparks are not there from the get go. Play the game right and you’ll succeed.

Money Does Matter

Have you heard of formally known as This is a dating site that was created to connect men who have money with girls willing to exchange their time for money. They’ve put a monetary value on their time and many people do this not knowing that they’ve done so.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, even if a woman is immediately overcome with sexual chemistry with you, women find financial stability and emotional vulnerability to be very sexy. Financial stability shows that you are responsible, ambitious, and hardworking. Women love these traits in a man because they are good indicators for long-term success.

Be Open

Women also love men who are not afraid to show their emotions. Show her that you aren’t afraid to sing a love song or tear up during an emotional movie. Sure, some will think you’re a loser, but if it’s only a fling or casual date, then who cares what they think. Bang them, then move on!

Ultimately, what women want in a man is someone who they can trust their emotions with, and as long as you move with transparency and honesty, you will find that you can build strong relationship dynamics with a woman who may not even appear to be your match on the surface.

After all, true love can’t always be explained and even if you’re not on the hunt for love, you should still attempt to apply the things that I’ve covered. I promise, doing so WILL HELP you hook up with more people on any dating network.

If you’re ready to join one, then my advice would be to try this one here and if you’re not quite ready, then do yourself a favor, read the rest of my articles. You’ll find the most recent on the homepage. Good luck and have at it!

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