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Doublelist Review: A Craigslist Alternative Free Personals Site

TL; DR Summary: is insanely popular today, which is exactly why I’m writing this article. Regardless of your sexual orientation, if you’re looking for a potential partner, then this user experience will explain all that you need to know. Before using any online dating sites (including this one) you need to read this review. After reading this, you will understand the features, how to register, whether or not it works, everything I know about their customer service and more. Read this honest review before you go Double Listing and find out if it’s the right place for finding suitable partners today. Looking to just hook up and don’t care about the details – click here.

Doublelist is one of these adult personals and classified listings sites that I just need to talk about. There are some extremely popular directories that I cover even if I don’t entirely recommend them for sex. The reason is, people are going to use them regardless of what I have to at – sometimes. For that reason alone, I’m sharing my thoughts on and whether or not it’s the right one for you…

Doublelist Review

My Review of the Double List Casual Encounters Site

There are lots and lots of sites out there that try to provide one type of service to users and they do it with mixed results. There are so many sites that can’t even give what they’re offering that it makes sense to seek out a review before you even bother clicking yourself into it. Then you get sites that try to give you everything.

This is usually a better option because you can seek out the things that you want while another person can look for something completely different. That’s what you’re getting at Doublelist.

This is a site that lets you look for a casual date, a long-term relationship, and even a sex buddy. No matter what you want, you can find it right here and you don’t have to worry about using a site for something that it’s not really designed to do for you.

It’s not one of my recommended sites, mostly because all the crime being reported there.  I urge you to view my list of real hook up sites and select from actual horny members vs. these types of sites.  That’s my warning.

Features of Platform

There’s a range of features that Doublelist has that you need to know about if you’re looking to use this site. Warning, you might find some kinky topics covered below but it’s almost a requirement or expected with personal sites like this.

Categories & Search Options

The site has a search option that allows users to look for specific things within the sections of the site. With regard to sections, they have the following:

  • Guys for Girls
  • Guys for Guys
  • Girls for Girls
  • Couples for Him
  • Couples for Her
  • Gay for Straight
  • Straight for Gay
  • Males for Couples

So, as you can see, whether you’re in a committed relationship or a casual relationship, you’ve got plenty of options for finding someone that meets your needs.

Simple User Interface

The user interface is perhaps the most simple of them all. I say this knowing damn well that Backpage and Craigslist are basically GONE and most other popular dating sites are a bit more complex aesthetically from a UX/UI perspective.

Good Chat Hookups

The chat feature aka the messenger feature is pretty rock-solid and a selling point for anyone looking to connect on Doubble List. You will quickly discover that lots of active users tend to message via the platform. It’s a simple and safe way to communicate without putting yourself at risk today. The chat feature is quite similar to that of the best hookup apps out there, so you know it’s definitely good!

Now, if some user becomes a stage five clinger, you can use the block user feature and then head on back to the search engine to find a bunch of users you want to connect with. It really is as simple as that! Nothing worse than not being able to get rid of fake people and creepy people. Doublelist cracked the case on this one.

City Groups

The site allows users to join city-specific groups to better connect with close people in the area. This is a great way to meet people in your local city or town and improve your chances of meeting someone for hookup fun. This is also a great alternative to using the filter options since it narrows down the selection to a geographical location just for you.

You can create city groups as well if you don’t have one around you. This is something that I recommend doing if you cannot find a group to join.

Profile Registration & Verification Process (Phone Required)

The registration process is actually very easy. But there is one thing you need to know. A mobile phone is required and for good reason. They require that users verify themself via a phone to keep the bots away. This is impossible for a bot to do and it keeps the fake profiles away.

Sure, if you want to be a jerk and use a burner phone to set up an account, then you can but I would not suggest doing that – honestly.

This approach keeps fake users away and I must say, this verification process is pretty much a standard when it comes to people dating sites today. If I were to run a poll and ask, my guess is that the majority of the female users out there would say that they appreciate the process as it ensures that you’re connecting with real users when messaging someone.

It Works With Personals But Can You Find Your Person?

The real reason that the site works so well is that it doesn’t rely on anything fancy for it to work. All you have to do is post a personal ad and then you can just wait for the responses to roll in. You can also decide to check out the personals that other people have posted and respond to them.

It’s totally up to you and there are no limits to the kind of things that you can come across. Nothing is out of bounds here and that really means a lot when you get down to it. Your post won’t be deleted because it’s too kinky or too dirty for someone else.

The only person that you have to worry about is the person who responds because they happen to be into the exact same things as you are.

It’s Easy For Users To Use

The best part is that you don’t have to figure out how to use the site. As long as you know how to type and upload a photo, you’ll be all set.

It’s the easiest way to make sure that you can sign up and start using it right away. You just have to register your email address and pick a password.

Yes, it’s really that simple, and sites that are easy to use don’t come around all of the time. You can sign up and find someone within a few hours and you can’t get any better than that.

Most Women Are Real People Who Are Ready And Willing

Of course, it doesn’t matter how good a site happens to be if you can’t find the kinds of girls that you’re looking for. That’s key to using a site like this and it goes out of its way to bring you women who aren’t ashamed of the things that they want.

They know they have to put themselves out there to get the kind of fun they need and they’re more than okay with it. You just have to be open about your own desires if you really want to find sexual fulfillment here.

Site Scores

Sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber (see below) score sites based on their trust and other factors. As you can see, these scores look pretty solid and overall not bad for a casual dating and sex service site. Sitejabber gave it a decent score with 16K reviews/scores.

Sitejabber Doublelist score

While the Trust Pilot site gave it a 4.0 out of 5.0. Again, not a bad score for a sex site with some much stigma behind it in general. That’s based on 2,400+ reviews too!

Trustpilot Score

What If I Need Help – Customer Service

What happens if I need help when joining? Well, let’s be frank here. when joining a 100% free personals site you’re kinda on your own when it comes to getting things set up.

You should not expect to get the same treatment you’d get when reaching out to Adult Friend Finder Customer Service because it’s just not going to be there for you here.

That said, it does not mean you should not take a stab at things. I’m just giving you my full-on honest input here to know what to expect.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Safe?

The majority of the users on this site feel that it is a safe free dating site. However, nothing is 100% safe so you must use your best judgment.

Is Doublelist Free To Use?

Yes, it’s 100% free with no required payment of any kind. That means you do not need a credit card to use this website.

Does It Really Work?

Many people claim to have great success using this site, which is more than enough reason to check it out.

Conclusion: Good Hookup Chances with Doublelist Community Members

The simple fact is that might want to consider Doublelist to get what you want. It doesn’t matter what that thing happens to be. You can find it here and it will be easy for you.

Sites like this just don’t exist anymore and this one does it right. Do yourself a favor and sign up for it or at a very minimum, make a comparison between this and Fling. While I strongly believe that is the best, this is quite good as well.

You’ll be shocked at the kinds of people you can find here. You won’t come across a site like this again so you want to take advantage of it for as long as you possibly can.

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Alternative Sites: Other Hookup Sites & Online Dating Apps

There are other apps that I strongly recommend checking out today.

Find Fling In Your City


Okay, if you’re simply looking for like-minded people who just want sex one time and nothing else, then give Fling a try. This online dating platform is my number one suggestion above all and definitely above the Doubles List. They’ve got a premium option that just rocks it for hooking up. Enough said – MIC DROP.

Adult Friend Finder Partners


Adult Friend Finder is a viable alternative if you’re looking for a casual dating option that avoids those stupidly awkward questionnaires and just focuses on connecting you with people. There are plenty of opportunities here when it comes to hookups.

Casual Hookup Sex At AssTok


Last but not least is the AssTok app. This has an active user base filled with TikTok thots who are looking for sex and nothing else. It’s a modern experience that’s different from the classic online dating site but with the same result.  Give it a shot and you will not be sorry.

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