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February 27, 2019

Dating Site’s In-N-Out Burger Logo Making Consumers Hungry For Hookups!?!?

In N Out Burger Logo

This is one that you don’t see all that often. If you’re living on the West Coast, then there’s a good a good chance that you’ve had In-N-Out Burger. If not, then you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s perhaps the best burger that I’ve ever had in my entire life.

In N Out Burger with Fries

I’m a very picky eater too.

Not only am I picky, but I’m also extra observant. After dining at one of these delicious burger joints recently in Las Vegas, NV, I hit the local coffee shop to spend the day working instead of getting worked at the tables.

Hint: pay close attention to the logo below…

In N Out Burger Logo

While doing so, I somehow ended up on a website called Seriously, don’t ask how, I haven’t got a clue.

What I can say is that this looked very familiar to me, in fact, I thought I had seen it the same day.

Sure enough, it was almost identical to the In-N-Out Burger logo.

MeetNFuck logo

Which made me both crave meeting someone for some casual fun and crushing another burger. If I could have both at the same time, I’d be in heaven.

Meet and fuck site logo

What’s a bit shocking to me is that the burger giant lets this slide.

Either the creator of the site is very much into cheeseburgers or the In-N-Out Burger brand is behind this.

Well, if I were a betting man I’d have to say that this is what might be occurring here…

Maybe In-N-Out Burger is running this site and they’re not only satisfying consumers food cravings but their cravings for a fling?

A bit of a stretch, I know!

The only other thing I can think of is that the owner of the website holds stock in the In-N-Out Burger company or it’s their favorite restaurant or they just like the logo. My guess is that’s what’s happening here with this.

Brilliant and bold marketing tactic to say the least!

For whatever reason, it will subconsciously make you hungry for a hookup partner and a burger with fries. I’ll take both ALL DAY LONG!

If you’re looking for a good cheeseburger then hit up In-N-Out, if you want to hookup in Las Vegas, whatever you do, don’t hit hit up Larissa Dos Santos (who’s now living in Vegas), or any of those shady massage parlors while your there. I can’t recommend that you join the MeetNFuck site either as I really don’t know who they are or what they’re about. I will tip my cap to them for their synergistic creativeness.

Just join one of the dating networks that work, I cannot say whether or not this one mentioned here works. In fact, I can’t confirm anything about them at all other than the fact that every single time I see the logo I want to eat some….burgers.

November 23, 2018

Aphrodisiac Foods Proven To Make You Horny

Aphrodisiac Food example -watermelon

Are you a food fiend like myself? How about a sex fan? Well, there are many foods that can help turn things up in the bedroom. They’re called – aphrodisiacs! Here’s what you need to know about these foods if you want to turn on that hottie you’ve been trying to hook up with.

Aphrodisiac Foods to eat

History Of Aphrodisiac Foods And Which To Eat

All throughout history, food has been a central component of all kinds of sexual exploits. From the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to our modern day, there has been a litany of food staples that have always been synonymous with sex.

However, just because something looks or tastes sexual, doesn’t mean it’s a true boost to your drive and desire when it comes to the bedroom. Science has backed up many historical narratives about which foods are best to get you ready for the night, and you can enjoy these in a variety of ways and still get the kick you’re looking for!

I Love Me Some Oysters

One of the most, if not most, a classic of all aphrodisiac foods, are oysters. These slimy morsels may seem like an odd choice, but they are in fact backed up by science and are useful to both genders.

Featuring a high amount of amino acids and proven to boost your dopamine levels, oysters are a good opening salvo to a meal that will have you hitting the sheets before dessert is served. Enjoyed a variety of ways, most commonly with lemon and hot sauce, oysters are a quick and natural boost that everyone could find useful in the bedroom. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then you might consider taking some vodka oyster shooters.

Watermelon Made The List

A not as popular, but also effective food aphrodisiac, is watermelon. Known as a summertime staple, these fruits are available year round and actually have an excellent effect on expanding blood vessels. For guys out there, slices of fresh watermelon can help get the blood flowing and produce stronger and longer lasting erections.

What’s great about this juicy fruit is that it is mainly water, which will keep you hydrated and focused for a long night of lovemaking! It is also sweet and sensual, and with a crack of salt and pepper, can prove a very tasty bite to help lead you into lovemaking.

Stinky Pee Greens

This one’s going to sound even stranger, but many people use asparagus as an aphrodisiac. The long green stems are suggestive enough, but they are actually high in vitamin B, which helps increase blood flow and alertness.

This is a great choice because it can be seamlessly added to most dinner plates, and does not take a lot to make taste delicious. A bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper after some light roasting will provide an excellent crunch that gets both men and women in the mood! However, don’t eat too much or your piss will smell rotten as it gets.

Avocados / Chili Peppers

Two other excellent pairing foods that will help spark some chemistry are avocados and chili peppers – the hotter the pepper the better! Avocados are ubiquitous and can be added to all sorts of meals, and require little to no preparation. The high vitamin E content makes it an excellent choice to maintain energy levels and boost libido.

The spicy kick of chili peppers ignites endorphins that promote a healthy sex drive, and it can also be added to all sorts of meals without taking over the entire dish. The increase in heart rate is vital in getting your sexual drive into gear.

Good Ole Sweet Chocolate

Lastly, one of the most classic aphrodisiacs is chocolate! Sweet, romantic, and sticky when hot, the smell and texture of the chocolate is sure to get anyone in the mood. With a luscious chocolate-based dessert, you’ll find yourself hopping into bed in no time!

Well, at this point, my advice would be to either hit a nice restaurant that serves these foods with your date or make them at home. You’ve got options, just make sure that they include the foods mentioned above.

Now if you’re eating foods that make you horny, while not combine that effort with some hottie from the Uberhorny app. Chances are she’s already horny AF, to begin with!

November 23, 2018

Best Cocktails That Help You Hook Up

drinks that'll make you horny

No sense in beating around the bush here. I’ll just come right out and say that I’m a pretty heavy drinker and seeing as though I’m a complete nut, you can only imagine how many drinks I toss back weekly. I can slug down Manhattans and Martinis with the best of them. One thing I’ve come to learn is that women love to drink tasty alcoholic drinks.

Fun Fact: Tasty drinks will help you have better dating experiences.

Alcohol has always been a classic go to when you’re trying to get your sexy lady or some random chick you meet online in the mood, but few people know that specific drinks are truly great as an aphrodisiac. The trick to enjoying a sexy drink that will get all the right juices flowing is a combination of ingredients, taste, and look. Not all of these cocktails have classic aphrodisiac components within them, but their name and look are sure to get the sparks flying.

And let’s face it, a few filthy blue cheese martinis will make any girl want to thumb a ride to pound town.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic Drinks That Make Most Women Horny (Based On My Studies)

Here’s what I personally consider a great selection of drinks. They’re all great options for those looking to turn women on. As for the most popular types of drinks, according to an article covering an overview of alcoholic beverages, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila are the most popular spirits purchased and consumed today. There’s a reason for that, obviously! You’ll find that many of the drinks below contain these spirits, so let’s toast to indulging in these cocktails and hooking up!

Sparkling Ginger Daisy

A perfect opener for the night, a sparkling ginger daisy is what you should have ready when you’re trying to break the ice. It’s delicious, refreshing, and the bubbly component of the Prosecco is sure to lighten the atmosphere and get your date feeling comfortable. As a gin based drink, it leaves a dry and cool feeling on the tongue, which helps get you to the next cocktail of the night.

Brandy Alexander

For those who don’t want to go the gin route, a Brandy Alexander is an excellent choice. Featuring the classic aphrodisiac, chocolate, this creamy drink is both sweet and savory. The brandy provides an instant buzz that helps loosen inhibitions and opens up the mind.

Cupid’s Kiss

Another great chocolate-based choice is a Cupid’s Kiss. It has an awesome name, features both chocolate and cherries, which are known aphrodisiacs, and is actually quite easy to make. Using a little cocoa powder to rim the glass provides an elegant and romantic presentation, and the smell of dark chocolate is unmatched in getting the ladies heart to flutter. If you’re date isn’t much of a hard liquor type, these are great options. It’s basically dessert, before you have you real dessert in the bedroom!

The Secret Crush

If you’re trying to take your relationship to the next level, a great call at the bar is to order up the Secret Crush. The name is a dead giveaway of your feelings, and the flavor profile of this drink is out of this world.

Though not containing classic aphrodisiac ingredients, this drink is bubbly and features luster dust, which provides an exotic and memorable presentation. It’s sweet and smooth, and is a perfect way to let your special lady know that you have feelings and that you want to explore further from an intimate perspective.

Mayday Martini

For those who want to avoid the barkeep atmosphere and impress your date when you’re back alone, the mayday martini should be your go to drink. It’s simple to make, is vodka based like many popular drinks with women, and features cinnamon and strawberry, which are legendary aphrodisiacs. This drink isn’t too sweet but still provides a nice kick, and it’s the perfect nightcap before you guys hit the bedroom.

Oyster Shooter w/ Vodka

If you want to get right to it, try out the classic oyster shooter. Oysters are historically one of the most effective aphrodisiacs known to man, and the presentation and ingenuity of this drink is sure to get that fire burning!

It’s simple to make, requiring only vodka, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce, and the combination kicks in multiple endorphins that are known to promote sexual activity. All of these options are tried and true sexual elixirs that are ideal for setting the mood for all types of sex!

Bonus Shot

Okay, my buddy Larry let me in on a little secret. He’s a chiropractor living in New York City. I refer to him as Dr. Larry and he’s got a secret weapon that he pulls out during every casual meet up. It’s called Don Julio – read about all the different tequilas they make before trying them! Chilled shots of Don Julio Real make life better and they’re bound to help you hook up.

Well, that’s all you need to know, so either head to the liquor store or bar and start ordering these drinks for women. They’ll be super excited, I can guarantee it and you are bound to get laid as a result of doing so. Need to find a way to meet these women? No problem, head on over to the homepage, but before you do that please check out the article on dating girls from Backpage. That’ll stop you in your tracks, I’m positive on that.