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What is a Rub and Tug?

Rub and Tug massage

A rub and tug, also known as an Asian massage, is a popular spa service that can be found in many Asian countries as well as in areas all over the US. It is a type of massage that is designed to help relax the body and mind, and is typically performed by female masseuses. The massage usually begins with the client lying on their stomach, and the masseuse will use her hands, elbows, and sometimes her feet to massage the client’s back, neck, and legs.

The name comes from the fact that these businesses often offer sexual services as well. Rub and tugs are usually found in urban areas and are often advertised in the back of newspapers or online. They are sometimes difficult to find, but they usually have a sign that says “massage” or “spa.”

Disclaimer:  I’m not promoting prostitution.  Rub and tugs are descended on by law enforcement very frequently.  Abide by all of your local laws.  If you are looking for legal prostitution, go somewhere with clear laws like Costa Rica.

How Does Rub and Tug Massage Parlors Work

For many people, the term “rub and tug” massage parlor conjures up images of seedy places where illicit activities occur. However, these types of massage parlors are actually quite common and are often perfectly legal businesses.

Rub and tug massage parlors are essentially brothels masquerading as massage businesses. Customers come in for a “massage,” but are actually paying for sexual services. The masseuses at these establishments are usually women who are immigrants or of Asian descent.

These businesses are often found in strip malls or office buildings, and they usually have little to no signage advertising their true services. Customers usually have to call a phone number to make an appointment, and they are typically given specific instructions on how to find the location. Once inside, customers undress and are given a massage. The masseuse will then perform sexual acts on the customer, typically culminating in a hand job or happy ending.

The name of the massage parlor is derived from the popular sexual act, which is also known as a handjob. While the sexual act is not the main focus of the massage, it is often an added perk for customers. In most cases, customers will pay for a massage and then be asked if they would like a happy ending. If they agree, they will be directed to a private room where they will receive the sexual act.

Rub and Tug Hand Job Offer Sexual Services Also Known As Happy Endings

For many people, the idea of a massage parlor conjures up images of seedy establishments offering illicit services. However, there is one type of massage parlor that is perfectly legal and offers a perfectly innocent service: the Rub and Tug.

The Rub and Tug is a massage parlor that offers happy ending services. Again, the stigma is that they are all in Asian massage parlors but they don’t have to be Asian to give you a rub and tug.  This means that after a customer receives a massage, they are also given a manual stimulation of the genitals. This service is perfectly legal, and the Rub and Tug has been offering it for years. The happy ending services are not advertised, but they are offered to customers who ask for them.

Rub and Tug offers a variety of services that are designed to provide a happy ending. These services include sensual body rubs, erotic massages, and even sexual services. All of these services are provided in a safe and clean environment or place, and the staff is always professional and friendly.

There are many benefits to happy ending massages, including relief from stress and tension, increased sexual arousal and satisfaction, and improved circulation. Happy ending massages can be performed by both men and women, and they can be enjoyed by people of all sexual orientations. This type of massage is designed to provide both sexual and emotional satisfaction, and it can be a great way to relax and unwind.

hand job

How to Find a Rub and Tug Massage Envy for Happy Endings

There’s nothing quite like a rub and tug massage to help you relax and unwind. But where can you find a reputable massage envy that offers happy endings? Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect spot for your next massage:

Look for neon lights. When you’re looking for a rub and tug massage, it’s important to find a reputable place that offers happy endings. One way to find a good place is to look for neon lights. Neon lights are often a sign that a place is open for business and that they’re offering a special service. If you see a neon light in the window of a massage parlor, it’s likely that they’re offering a rub and tug service.

Check out the website. A reputable massage parlor will have a professional website that includes all the information you need to know.

Give them a call. Once you’ve found a few potential places, give them a call and ask about their services.

Go in for a trial run. Once you’ve found a place you’re comfortable with, go in for a trial massage.

Pros and Cons of Rub and Tug Massage Parlor

While “rub and tug” massage parlors for happy endings are not as prevalent in North America as they are in Asia, they are still somewhat of a controversial topic. There are those who believe that these types of businesses are nothing more than thinly veiled brothels, while others believe that they offer a legitimate service that can be beneficial for both the client and the masseuse. So, what are the pros and cons of rub and tug massage parlors?


There are many benefits to Rub and Tug Massage Parlor for happy endings. First, it is a great way to relax and release tension. The massage can be very invigorating and help to improve circulation. Secondly, it is a great way to meet new people and make friends. The massage parlor is usually a social place where people can chat and get to know each other. Finally, it is a great way to get a happy ending. The massage parlor is a place where you can relax and let your inhibitions go. You can feel free to ask for anything you want and the staff will do their best to accommodate you.


Though “rub and tug” massage parlors for happy endings are becoming increasingly popular, there are still some potential drawbacks that customers should be aware of. For one, these types of businesses are often unregulated, which can lead to unsanitary conditions and/or inexperienced staff. Additionally, customers may be subjected to hidden fees or other unexpected costs. Finally, because of the illicit nature of these services, customers may be at risk of being arrested or otherwise encountering legal trouble.

Is Rub and Tug Happy Ending Massage a Safe Place to Relax

When it comes to relaxation, there are a variety of options to choose from. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is the rub and tug happy ending massage.

Happy ending massage, also known as rub and tug, is a type of massage that is designed to help people relax. The massage therapist will use their hands to massage the person’s back, legs, and buttocks. Some people may also have their genitals massaged. The purpose of the massage is to help the person relax and to release any tension that they may be feeling.

There are a lot of benefits to massage in general, including reducing stress and tension, improving circulation, and helping to reduce pain. However, there are also some risks associated with massage, including the potential for sexual assault.

Rub and tug happy ending massage is one type of massage that has been associated with sexual assault. This is because the massage is typically done in a private room, where there is no one else around to witness what is happening. In addition, the masseuse may ask the client to remove their clothing, which can make the client feel vulnerable.

Despite the risks, there are still a lot of people who enjoy rub and tug happy ending massage. If you do decide to try this type of massage, make sure you go to a reputable place and that you feel comfortable with the masseuse.

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