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Seeking Naughty Review

Seeking Naughty is a website that started in 2010, primarily as a hookup site for straight men and women. Over the years they have tweaked their price model (as well as their offerings) several times, which more recently has seemingly doubled their attendance numbers.

With an average visitor rate of over 400,000 on any given week, I have to admit that I’ve been quite curious about Seeking Naughty. The metrics they’ve been posting as of late are truly impressive.

The Full Report on Seeking Naughty

Registration was pretty basic, with email, location, and gender being all that they request. This tends to be concerning to me when I see it, as it can sometimes signify that a site’s security isn’t all that great.

However, with Seeking Naughty, this is a good thing. While I’m no tech head myself, I do know that keeping things anonymous can sometimes be the best way to go, provided you still have proper security in place. I decided to stow my concerns for the time being and see what all Seeking Naughty had to offer.

User Interface

I especially liked the user interface, as it made navigating the site supremely easy. Once you’ve logged into your profile, you’ll enter your dashboard. Here you’ll see a toolbar on the top of the page, highlighting the various areas of the site that you can visit.

Testing the links, I found everything to be functional, and everything sent me where I should be.


Seeking Naughty offers the ability to upload up to 40 images, and allow for pretty much every type of erotic photo you can think of. The uploader permits you to drag and drop files right into the web browser, after which it will ask you to crop & resize as you see fit. After sorting it into its specified album (your choices are “Naughty” and “Nice”), you’ll be all set.

While I can’t say I’m always the biggest fan of paid sexual sites (as I can find these connections for free), Seeking Naughty does a great job of uploading and showing these images. I never had to struggle through broken image links or blurred images, and I was impressed by the kind of hard bodies they seem to have visiting the website regularly.

I should note that all “naughty” photos are accessible by paid users, only. If you want to check out member albums without coughing up some cash, I’m afraid you’ll almost assuredly be missing out on an awful lot of the excitement found here.

Chatting It Up

The chat functions are another part of that really caught my attention, as the various rooms really provide you with the ability to find other sexually-minded individuals that are looking to hook up. There are ten total rooms, covering things like group sex and costume play.

I love this approach, as you can narrow down your search without losing the novelty that random hookups can provide. I found three different individuals in these rooms that were willing to meet up with me, 2 of them that very same night. I have to admit, the fact that I was so successful so quickly is incredibly convincing to me.

Phone-Based Sex Play

The Seeking Naughty app was super familiar to me from the moment I opened it up. The user experiences seem to be identical, whether you’re using iOS or Android. Everything is here, including access to local chat rooms and photo albums.

Something I liked about the app is that you can tag mobile image uploads with your location (if you choose it), which makes it easier for other users to know exactly what part of the city or state you live in.  I also had a fun experience one night with another local, sending tags back and forth as we both wandered through the city. I found it to be a nice touch that I hadn’t ever seen before.


Something I encountered on Seeking Naughty that really impressed me was their rating and filter system. Users can flag other members for inappropriate behavior, things like offensive images or messages, stalking, etc. After they’ve had enough red flags pop up, Seeking Naughty appraises the situation and (if there’s evidence) kicks users off without hesitation.

It’s no wonder they don’t have to worry as much about the signup process, as this is a clear and effective means of keeping pam off of the site.

Paying The Price

Paying for these sorts of programs has always rubbed me the wrong way, as they never seem to give me what I feel like I should get for the price. But Seeking Arrangement is a little different; I have to admit.

Their one-month program costs $29.95 and opens up the rest of the site for you to enjoy without issue. This one-time payment also eliminates the advertising that you constantly see on the site as you browse, something I really appreciate.

You can also decide to pay for the deluxe package, which is a one-time fee of $69.90 spread over three months. This deluxe version gives all the same benefits allowed normally paid users but adds a few extras, such as a higher photo cap (80 v. 40), the ability to send audio messages via chat, and a swipe feature that most closely resembles Tinder.

Begrudgingly, I paid the almost $70 fee and was completely surprised at how much the extras offered. Was it worth it to bypass my usual apps? I don’t think so, but it was okay. The swipe feature was fantastic and connected me specifically with people in my own area.

All in all the price for these services is completely reasonable…even I’m convinced.

What I’ve Decided

Seeking Naughty is a well-built site that seems to offer its users a consistent, pleasant experience. The site seems to have a solid team behind them, one that is constantly coming up with innovative ideas to keep their users engaged & happy. The concept of crowd-sourcing their security is incredibly smart, and I imagine a huge cost saver as well.

Paying for a website that offers sexual connections can be a real bummer, so why not put your money into a site that gives you what you need? I all but guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

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