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Snapcheat: How To Do It & Is It Really Considered Cheating?

With pretty much all of the world using social media, cheating has never been easier, even for a total nut job. You can join a dating site, use a social network, and even download apps that can’t trace your personal information.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat, an app that allows you to talk to your friends and connections, you know that you’re able to send them messages and pictures that only stick around for a limited amount of time before they just up and disappear. The appeal of this type of technology has led to a term known as “Snapcheating,” where married or attached people use the app to send and receive risqué pictures and messages.

Snapcheat site scam

How To Successfully Snapcheat

People are always going to cheat, it’s just a given. Not everyone will do it, but when someone wants to step out of their relationship, they’ll find a way.

Snapchat offers those looking for a little more excitement in their lives something quick and easy. You get a message, you open it, and there for you is a wonderful and sexy picture that just gets your blood racing and then it disappears forever. What could be better for a cheater?

Why Snapchat Isn’t The Answer

The ability to send and receive dirty pictures seems like a great idea in theory, but when you look a little deeper at Snapchat, you’ll see why it isn’t the perfect dream for someone looking to cheat.

First, you aren’t going to be the only one seeing those pictures. Snapchat has admitted that when something is sent through their site, it doesn’t disappear forever like you think it does. The makers of Snapchat store anything you send using their app and they hold the rights to it. If that doesn’t sound a little scary to someone looking to keep their cheating on the DL, I don’t know what does.

If you want to use a snapping app to send and receive naughty pictures and messages with someone, I would highly recommend you not use Snapchat.

Are There Safe Snap Sites?

If you’re looking to step out on your relationship, there are much better choices for snapcheating. These dating sites are meant for exactly what you’re looking to do, and you are the one who controls what happens to your private dealings. Discretion is key with these types of apps, they exist for cheating, so they know their stuff.

When you do join one of the legitimate apps to accomplish all your “snapcheat fun,” make sure you use some common sense. Use only their messaging platform as it is secure and won’t leave any pics or other evidence on your phone that prying spouses might see.

There are fraud sites out there, so do your research before deciding to spend any money or get involved in sending pictures or messages to anyone.

Don’t Get Caught

The biggest way to avoid getting caught while partaking on some snapcheat action, no matter what site you decide to use, is to never, never, NEVER send a pic to anyone which displays your entire face. This should be common sense, but people get all wrapped up in the excitement of the experience and next thing you know your mug is in the same frame as your privates. Talk about stupid!

You’ll also want to make sure you hide the app icon on your phone. You don’t want suspicious eyes seeing that icon if you want to avoid trouble and possible heartache.

If you want to keep things secret, do not tell anyone that you’re using an app to cheat. The more people that know you’re sending out pictures of your junk, the more chance of you getting your dumb self caught.

Finally, and I really hate that I have to even think about saying this, but for the love of all that is good and (un)pure, don’t ever use your real name when you’re thinking about doing any kind of cheating, including snapcheating. Either stay completely anonymous or use a fake name, but never give anyone your real one.

Final Thoughts On Snapcheat Action

If you’re looking to cheat without the commitment of actually meeting someone in person (aka having a virtual fling), snapcheating might just be the right thing to do for you and many others out there. Use some common sense, don’t act stupid, and you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time.

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