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SexSearch Review

First and foremost, SexSearch is a hookup site for the typical single bro to meet a single hoe. This means that if you’re someone who’s trying to find a legitimate, long-lasting relationship with someone, there are much better places to find a connection than a place like this. But, if you’re like many modern individuals, you’re more than happy sharing the bedroom with someone for an evening or two before moving on.

As a part of the larger organization The Dating Network, SexSearch has a user network of over 1 million individuals worldwide. Every day the site sees thousands of new signups. And with a connection rate of over 75%, I was pretty convinced from the get-go that this would be a one-stop shop for my casual dating needs. But before I get into how that all panned out, let’s find out what it takes to get started on SexSearch. Homepage

SexSearch Might Be The One (For You)

As previously stated, I’ll kick things off with the registration process…

Joining The Network

SexSearch likes to keep the sign-up process short and sweet, requiring hardly anything in the way of personal data. Age, gender, preferred screen name, and a valid e-mail address are all you need to get started.

I’m always skeptical of sites that don’t require much in the way of background checks, and SexSearch doesn’t boast as much as a questionnaire. Why does this concern me? Because free and easy sign-ups tend to be a breeding group for spam. Fraudulent profiles are unavoidable on most sites of this nature, but SexSearch could certainly be doing more within their first few steps to avoid these types of situations.

However, thankfully I didn’t not much spam or many tire kickers as a result of this easy reg form.

I should add that while they ask for age, there is nothing that keeps individual from joining by putting the incorrect age in during the process. No background checks, nothing of the sort. In my eyes, this can be tricky for SexSearch and their members, but don’t let that deter you from joining.

After all, you will know right away when you meet your date in person for the first time.

sex search website profiles

Completing Your Profile Up

Once you’ve completed your first-time login, you’ll be directed to the profile section of the site. Here, you can answer a few additional questions about yourself. These questions aren’t required, so if you’re in a rush to get to the matches feel free to leave it for later.

On that note, I have to admit that these aren’t profiles per se, as much as they’re glorified photo blogs. The few fields available seemed to be empty in almost all of the profiles I viewed, making the process of finding a match tough, which is why I really pride myself in completing my profiles to the fullest extent, always.

This did give me more cause for concern, and I began to think that this “1 million individual” user base might be made up primarily by spammers and hackers.

Another thing that scared me was that SexSearch’s profiles are always limited in scope for visitors who aren’t paying for a membership, which means on the rare occasion someone bothered to complete their profile, you still won’t be able to see it.

I typically don’t have an issue though considering I almost always complete my profile by upgrading to the premium version.

profiles on sex search

Getting Ahold of Someone

If you do decide to search through the profiles long enough to find someone real, you’ll be able to message them immediately. I always advocate for messaging capabilities being free on a site like this, where time is a huge factor in getting together for a night of fun.

But before you get excited about this, be warned that while you can send messages, you’re still unable to read any incoming messages. There are techniques to get around this, but they all involve sharing personal details with a stranger, and I wouldn’t recommend that, ever.

They have these features locked down for your safety and the safety of other members. Trust me, it’s a good thing!

SexSeach’s “Special” Features

These aren’t special features, per se, but they are the ones you’ll have to pay for if you want to enjoy them. Yes, other sites offer them, but they do the job and definitely help me get laid more.

The video chat is done relatively well on SexSearch, with paid users being able to connect for one-on-one conversations, shows, etc.

The app is reasonably simple to use and worked for me the handful of times I found someone to connect with. I also enjoyed the fact that it allows you to pump in audio from different sources. I found I could set a mood when talking to the connections I found.

Photo filters are also offered, I was pretty underwhelmed with them. Mostly the filter function tends to be a Snapchat ripoff, offering cutesy overlays like glasses and flowers for your profile pictures.

There are also color filters similar to Instagram, things like the black & white and sepia tone.

After checking these functions out, I’m confused as to how they would attract the average adult that’s looking for casual sex.

The blog is just that, a blog. Fairly similar to WP blogs, it’s a straightforward interface that…works. While this is certainly a nice touch for a website like this, it seems impractical. If I or someone else needed a dependable space for blogging, we probably wouldn’t use the one on SexSearch. Then again, you’re not here to pen erotic stories, you’re here to meet someone to bang.

Membership Rates

Guests looking to check it out for a few weeks can sign up for one month of premium access at just $29.95.

1-day free

1-month $29.95 every month gets you premium access to everything!

upgrade on

What I Really Think

I came into this with the idea that SexSearch might be an excellent site for me to find local singles looking for some quick adventures. But the truth was, I would use it along with my other favorite sites but not as a 100% replacement. Before I rant though, let me cover the few bright spots found on SexSearch.

The video chat, while simple, was quite robust and very dependable, something I liked because streaming apps on sites like this can often be stuttery. The signup process is streamlined, which tends to be great for getting people on Sex Search as quickly as possible. But unfortunately, these two facets aren’t enough to convince me that SexSearch is the absolute best. It’s good, but not great.

So, what exactly are my complaints? First off, making connections with other individuals was tough, but I eventually ended up doing so after putting in the work.

If you’re someone looking for a real chance at meeting local singles for some quick action, I’d recommend none other than I’ve had plenty of luck, and I 100% know you will too.

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