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Indy’s Review

At its core, Indy’s is an escort site, and any statements to the contrary are absolutely false. They refer to themselves as an “intimacy provider website” which, to my eyes, is just a fancy way of saying pay-to-play companionship. You know, kind of like what many people do with those Backpage girls in NY. Indy’s is specifically designed to connect sexual professionals with patrons, so don’t be fooled by their use of creative language.

So, what makes Indy’s tick? Below, you’ll find my comprehensive review regarding this “undercover” escort site.

Before diving into this site, I want you to know that I’m 100% against hiring girls for sex. I live in New York City and anything I publish here on is going to be anti-escort. They just aren’t worth hiring.

Indy's Escorts

My Review of Indy’s (Full Report)

Sign up is extremely easy, with the website only asking for an email (I would say a valid email, but truthfully, Indy’s never sent a verification message) and a password. After that, you’ll have to upload at least three profile photos, along with entering some typical information like age range, gender, and sexual proclivities.

This approach worries me quite a bit, as it does little to prevent scammers from starting their own profiles (in anticipations of stealing your data). I’m not a huge fan of browsing profiles forever and finally finding an individual to connect with, only to find out that there’s no actual person there at all. When put into the context of an escort site, this is a real problem. Users could end up paying money into a “product” that they never end up receiving.

Ads and More Ads

Something I need to touch on before going any further is the sheer amount of pop-up advertisements and spam that Indy’s provides. It is all but impossible to click a link without being confronted by at least 2 or 3 pieces of spam, and on one occasion I even gained a piece of malware after visiting Indy’s. Something I found impressive (in a bad way) was that this spam somehow managed to get through the two levels of security on my PC. This has genuinely had only happened a handful of times prior to my experience here.

The spam on Indy’s is completely unacceptable to me, and almost stopped my review in its tracks. But, as I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided that it made more sense for me to soldier on…

Indy's Call Girls pages

The Profile Conundrum

So, after clawing my way through the beginning stages of Indy’s, I finally got to the profile section. I’d love to tell you that this component of the site was a bright spot, but unfortunately, that would be more than a fair bit misleading.

In reality, browsing profiles on Indy’s are painful, at best. The search functions are almost all completely broken and return practically nothing in the way of results. The only way I could get this part of the site to work is if I kept the search parameters to a minimum. This meant outside of age, sex, and location, I couldn’t narrow it down at all.

At this point I was almost in a state of disbelief, as no website dedicated to arrangements like this should be so utterly non-functional. Could it get any worse? Read on.

Images, A Painful Affair

Once you’ve finally managed to get through the profile browsing process, you’ll next be confronted by the frustration related to viewing users’ photo albums. Indy’s users are allowed to upload up to 15 total images at full resolution, something that should make viewing the site a little more pleasant. However, based off of my own experiences, along with user reviews and quite a few dead thumbnails, I am forced to assume that the site’s upload functions are all but broken.

During my few days on this site (I couldn’t make it to a week), I maybe saw a total of 10 hi-res images while looking through profiles. Everything else was lo-res or a complete dead end.


So, something that Indy’s heavily promotes is their online forums, a place where they say their users can form groups around conversations regarding their particular sexual habits. They further claim that in recent years these areas have become “safe spaces” for individuals who enjoy lifestyles that are “off the beaten track.”

I was very excited to enter these forums, as it seemed like a component of Indy’s that might actually live up to the hype. However, it turns out that these forums are almost all completely dominated by advertisements and spammers. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I looked through the various topics for over an hour, and only once or twice did I actually encounter a page with a mostly-human user base.

Security & FAQ

This far into the review, I’m shocked that I’m still forced to write about the negative parts of Indy’s, but here we are.

Security was lackluster, to say the least. While I didn’t have any issues with login, the image issues were enough to have me pretty upset, let alone the inability to search for individuals with any sort of specificity. I messaged their “tech dept.” several times to no avail, at which point I decided to peruse the FAQ.

This was yet another string of disappointments, as the FAQ doesn’t seem to offer much more than explanations regarding the sign-up process.

Are you kidding me, Indy’s? This is the first part of a dating site that most people build, and you couldn’t be bothered?

The About Page

My Final Thoughts

Indy’s is broken, utterly and completely. The few functional parts of the site did little to impress me, as they were constantly buffered by broken links or (even worse) links that didn’t even error out. I spent a total of almost a week trying to get all of the spyware off of my computer (after deleting my account), something that just shouldn’t occur. As there is a slew of sites that offer the same types of functionality as Indy’s (and actually deliver), I’d definitely recommend not visiting his site.

If, however, you’d like to visit a similar site that offers much better functionality, you might try the dating site, as they offer a lot of the same features.

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