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Datehookup Review

Well, today I’m here to shed some light on what might be the largest mainstream casual hookup network on the planet. Now, before passing judgment I need you to know that just because something is large doesn’t make it good. is one of the established sites out there that people just flock to because the masses go there.

That’s not always the right approach and that said, I’m going to open up to you and really share my thoughts and opinions with you about this site. Here’s what you need to know… homepage

My Detailed Review Of DateHookup advertises itself as a free dating site. I’ve learned that anything claiming to be free isn’t worth it and unfortunately, is no different. Just like many other shady dating sites out there, you’re not only going to be completely ripped off, but you’re going to be “owned” even after you decide to leave the site. If you want to avoid getting your hopes up, keep reading why I think is just another scam.

What’s Actually Free?

The only free thing with is that you can create a profile. In fact, if you want to do anything on the site at all, even just check out the women who are supposedly members, you must create a profile. While it isn’t a horrible process, the real reason sites do this is to make it look like their membership number is much higher than it really is. But if you want to see messages, send them, chat, or IM, you’re going to have to pay.

Shoving Ads Down Your Throat

Once your profile is accepted, you’re going to be slammed with advertisements all over the site. They are literally everywhere and more than obnoxious. You’ll probably notice that there are actually more advertisements than actual members, which is not a good start.

Once you check your inbox, you’re going to find even more there. In the terms and conditions, if you read them, you’re going to see that you give permission to send you third-party ads from their partners as well as messages posing as members who are just trying to get you to upgrade your membership. These ads are only there to get you to spend more of your money and they are relentless.

screenshot of Date Hookup

The Terms Of Service Smell Funny

I would really recommend reading those terms and conditions because they can be really eye-opening, especially on shady dating sites like For example, did you know that once you join and upload any information, it then belongs to and they can use it as they like? What does this mean exactly? Well, let me tell you. Once you’ve created a profile, can take the information and change it, copy it, redistribute it, and use it on any of the other sites they manage.

They literally own your image and profile.

And, you need to remember that sites like own a lot of different sites within different niches, so I hope you’re comfortable having your image associated with something you might not be into, like extreme kinks, for example. And what I find really upsetting is that will use your profile to legally catfish other members and either have a bot converse as you or hire a contractor to pretend to be you. Yes, dating sites do this all the time and it is infuriating and wrong.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about picking out that first date outfit because it’s not going to happen if you’re using this site!

Conclusion: Datehookup Isn’t For You And Me – Trust Me On That!

I’m not sure why anyone would want to join a site like Datehookup. With their shady tactics and low number of actual people, your chances of finding anyone to hook up with is almost slim-to-none. If I were you, I would highly recommend you completely avoid and any site that’s owned by the parent company.

Look, if you’re looking for a date, then I’ve got you covered here. Whether you’re bouncing around the big apple or some beach in South Florida, I can help. All you really need to do is join a network that promises to get you laid. Simple as that. I’d say give Adult Friend Finder a try before using the website.

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