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Bangbuddies Review

The primary reason that adult individuals want to take a look at hookup sites is almost certainly because they’re trying to find a date. Most of these individuals aren’t looking to find their next long term partner, but rather are just looking for some mind-blowing sex.

I have to say, I’m also one of those individuals, and I think it necessary to take a look at a site that’s more recently become popular in the casual dating scene:

This is a website with a multi-pronged approach to helping casual daters make casual connections, so it’s simple to see why they were so attractive to me in the first place. Read on to find out exactly what about their approach was so enticing.

Full disclosure: This is a brand owned and operated by the same guys that run They are super business men that know what guys want and how to help them achieve the unachievable. I tip my cap to those guys. If you want to read my review of that network then by all means, click here to do so. At any rate, here’s everything you need to know about the network. Logo

My Review

Before I even get into the deeper parts of, I first want to talk about their newly updated layout & design. I review a lot of dating sites, and most of them tend to follow the typical old formula of links at the top, pics on the side, text straight down.

This site has completely done away with this design, and instead present a series of popup windows within your browser.

Links are found to a simplified text interface on the left, and each of these will bring up a new “window” that you can minimize or close as you look around.

I love that before you’ve even started looking into their abundant list of features, Bang Buddies presents a professional-looking interface. You don’t always see these kinds of details on casual connection sites, and it screams quality.

Secured Sign Up

Bangbuddies impressed me pretty much immediately, and that was continued in the profile creation service. Before you can even enter an email address or other info, you’re prompted to read their statements regarding data privacy and their policies in the event of data theft.

While I won’t quote their statements verbatim, I was floored by what I read.

First of all, the Bangbuddies site is legally bound to keeping their users’ data private, and are strictly not allowed to sell any of your info to third party sites. I love this factor here!

Their statements say that they work with branches of federal law enforcement to ensure that member data is stored safely and kept safe. This is almost completely unheard of in this field and had my jaw on the floor.

Secondly, they adhere to a strict “above board” policy when it comes to their privacy agreements. They at least claim that any updates to their privacy agreements are communicated up to 14 days in advance, in case any current users decide that the change or changes in policy aren’t to their liking.

I appreciate such clear efforts to keep me safe, especially in such a sensitive situation.

Profiles, Basic But Acceptable

Once I’d gotten through their privacy agreements, I entered some fairly basic info like age, preferences, and other small details. After uploading a couple of pics, I was free to browse user profiles.

Now, you might be asking at this point if such limited information is enough to make a strong connection, but that’s the beauty of Bangbuddies’ design. The site is very specifically designed for casual encounters. You’re not going to find overly-complex search algorithms here, just basic location-based searches.

When you do get to take a look at another user’s profile, you’ll be greeted with the same sort of slick, simplified interface. You can see if your match is online, and if not, the last time they’ve logged in. Photos are verified by a series of behind-the-scenes technology that I can’t say I know a lot about, but it seems to work. I don’t think I encountered a single fake profile during my entire review phase, which was quite refreshing.

Even More Security

Another great fact of Bangbuddies is that they refuse to let unlawful content stay posted for any substantial length of time. They have an entire anti-fraud team dedicated to keeping these types of issues off of their website, something that seems to push this site over the edge in terms of their efforts regarding privacy and safety.

To provide further details for you, I actually used this while in New York as well as outside of the metropolitan area and I had no issues at all.

I reached out to their anti-fraud team for any sort of information or statement, but unfortunately, I only received a stock response. Considering how important their jobs are, I figure they have more important things to worry about than this reviewer.

Luckily, their work spoke for itself, as my experiences on Bangbuddies never faltered.


Pricing for Bangbuddies is fairly standard, especially when you consider the stripped-down nature of the site:

  • $1.00 for a 2-day trial
  • $10 for a weeklong trial
  • $35 for a single month’s membership
  • $70 for one half-year membership

They also offer more complicated annual plans that were frankly a little hard to decipher. While I’m sure these plans serve some of their users well, I wish they’d update their fine print. Otherwise, these costs seem like a decent value for what you receive.

Results Speak For Themselves

So I ended up using Bangbuddies for about two weeks, and I have to say that my results were pretty fantastic. I matched with over ten women during the course of my trial run, and managed to meet up with six of them! Even for someone like me, these numbers are pretty impressive. But when you take into consideration the over 10,000 monthly browsers that this network boasts (and that’s not even counting actual USERS), it makes a little more sense.

My Conclusions does a “bang up” job (no pun intended) of putting together a site that dispenses with the cheap frills seen on many other popular hookup sites, and instead choose to present a streamlined interface that seems to always work as intended. Their security features are incredibly impressive, and user reviews across the board seem to verify this fact.

When it all boils down, I have to admit that I’ve seen very few sites as solidly built as this one. You could do a lot worse, and I’m not sure you could do much better.

If you’re looking for better, then good news is that I’ve taken the time to put together a list of free sites to consider. You’ll get laid using those sites, no doubt about that.

Whatever you do, steer clear from especially in NYC or you’ll be thrown in jail. No sex s worth the price of freedom.

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