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Those of us in the casual dating scene know just how hard it can be to find new partners, especially if we’ve just moved into a new city, or are visiting a new town for a week or two. This situation becomes even more difficult if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or someone with specialized needs. Xpress is a site for those who are looking to make an instant hookup connection, regardless of sexual disposition or condition.

What was it that Madonna said?

Xpress yourself
Song by Madonna

You got that right!

Since their inception, Xpress has been committed to offering a safe, easy way for people to hook up, regardless of their sexual orientation, lifestyle, or level of ability.

I was immediately attracted to this approach when I discovered the site, along with their 85% connection rate that they boast about so much. I wondered if a website meant for hookups was as free and open as they claimed to be. That’s why I decided it was time to give this site a spin and see what’s what.

Below, I’ve provided an outline that displays all the positives and negatives I discovered during my time on Xpress. Hopefully, with this article as a guide, you’ll be able to make an educated decision regarding this exceptionally popular site for casual hookups & connections. Logo

My Experience Using The Xpress Site

Here’s what you need to know about this network. You’re going to absolutely love it, trust me on this one!

Kicking Things Off

Getting started on Xpress is straightforward, with the site almost immediately asking you what you’re looking for in terms of sexual situations. You can select anything from 1-on-1 dating scenarios to group sessions, whatever scratches your particular itch. I appreciate that their approach is so straightforward, as it suggests to me that Xpress is committed to finding you a match as soon as possible.

One point I should bring up is that while Xpress is pretty straightforward regarding signup, they do require a social security number as well as a manually entered birth date. This was comforting to me, as I often come across sites that skip over age verification, an approach that can be highly dangerous in 2019.


The ability to browse profiles based on multiple search factors is fantastic and worked like a charm every time I logged in. Xpress clearly sunk a lot of money and time into their profile algorithms, and it seems to have paid off.

I was able to narrow down my searches to such a small degree that I easily found matches in my own city, almost all of whom shared kinky fantasies similar to my own.

Another facet of the profile search function that I was impressed by was the location function. Not only is it incredibly specific (its estimates were within a block of my address), but when combined with the robust profile search functions, it made it so surprisingly easy to find a match that was practically in walking distance

Mobile Platforms

Honestly, until trying the mobile app for Xpress, I was convinced that I had found an all but flawless website. However, the lack of functionality that the phone app provides is…frustrating to say the least.

First off, the application tends to crash. This seems to happen regardless of what you’re doing in the app, be it messaging or even just scrolling through profiles. This was frustrating, as I had to restart the app every few minutes while using it, just to enjoy basic functionality.

Thankfully, I had a delicious juicy burger from In-N-Out which made the event far more enjoyable.

Secondly, the chat function doesn’t even open unless you’re a paying member. This had e pretty annoyed, as Xpress doesn’t even let you know during the signup process that communicating with others via the mobile app isn’t free. I can imagine that this would be a problem for a lot of folks who sign up for Xpress, as mobile functionality is almost a make or break situation nowadays.

What Do Others Say?

Diving into the user reviews for Xpress, I was pleasantly surprised. A majority of its users claim that while the site has its faults, it still provides a fantastic experience for regular visitors.

I was also shocked to find out that most members aren’t nearly as frustrated with the app’s hidden fees as I am. Most customers reported that the added functionality as fantastic, and since new messages shoot you an e-mail alert, it’s not that hard to stay in touch with your connection without paying.

It’s at this point that I took a step back, and dug deeper into Xpress’s additional features. If these people were sold, maybe there’d be more than what I saw on the surface.

That’s the beauty of these mobile dating apps, they can literally go from okay to amazing simply overnight with a few tech upgrades.

Added Functionality

Xpress offers most of the commonly seen paid features like video chat and voice messaging. But there was one feature that stood out to me, something that seemed out of place but ended up being a great extension to the site.

“Xpress Locale” is more or less a mobile GPS-based game that works with your matches in your city. You can send a request to a match, and if they respond, you can “stash” digital gifts in places around town. Using the Xpress app, you can follow clues and come across things like sexy photos or videos.

This was a really interesting idea that I’d never seen on a dating site before. It convinced me that Xpress is looking to keep its user base engaged and active, which only bodes well for its clientele.

My Final Opinion

While I can’t say I necessarily agree with all the people’s reviews completely, it’s reasonable to say that the site and it’s many features still more or less delivers what it’s supposed to, albeit with a few workarounds.

I was also impressed that they held true to their mission statements regarding inclusivity, as several times during my use of the site I was confronted with links for more “alternative” lifestyles and cultures. And while I didn’t particularly feel the need to go down those rabbit holes (hence why they weren’t covered above), I encourage anyone that’s a part of these communities to check out Xpress.

Outside of the mobile app kerfuffle, I had a great time using Xpress, and I think you will too. It’s a novel take on the traditional hookup/swinging site that offers a lot in a little package.

I would absolutely be open to giving this another shot for sure and I think that many users might actually find a lot to gain from doing so.

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