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Man Drives Ferrari Into Palm Beach Inlet

I hate to poke fun at people who may have some mental issues going on, but I don’t think you can be that mentally challenged if you own a Ferrari, can you?  In another crazy event happening in Palm Beach, Florida, a dash cam picked up footage of a Ferrari taking flight off of a dock and plunging into the water known as the Palm Beach Inlet.  I’ll try to grasp what happened here and share the details with you in today’s edition of crazy shit you just can’t make up.

Ferrari Speeds into Inlet in Palm Beach

The video shows an officer talking to a man who has a Ferrari.  In most situations, this results in a speeding ticket.  But not on this day.  Instead, the man who was driving the car re-entered his car, put it in reverse, and then sped off towards the dock and overshot it and went into the water.  The video, as well as rescue officials confirming, state that a Good Samaritan who happened to be there on a boat rescued the driver in the water.

The car sank about 30 feet below the water’s surface, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.  Using inflatable lift bags, they eventually got the luxury vehicle to the surface.

Video of Ferrari Speeding into Water

The reporter here talks about the car retailing for $250,000, but as it’s pointed out in the comments, the car was 14 years old, which should value it between $50,000 – $100,000.


We all like the details, so here is what I was able to dig up on this story.

According to this website, the man’s name who did this was James A. Mucciaccio.

When police questioned him as to why he did this, he told them that he was the smartest man on earth due to Christ and it is his responsibility to do God’s bidding.  

This happened on December 26, 2018.  

Another solid comment by Mucciaccio was that he told the officer to smile “as money will cease to be of relevance two days from the event.”

Honestly, only in Florida, just like the crazy lady calling Jet Blue employees rapists at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Then again, a lot of odd stuff happens in Costa Rica.  But at least there prostitution is legal.

Stay tuned for more news of the weird and stuff you just can’t make up.

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