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Chaturbate Review

I had been using the website for months and during my adventure, I came across something called This caused me to further investigate things and see if this was truly a winner.

After all, what’s better than one incredible cam site? Well, two of course!

With over 4 million visitors per month on average, Chaturbate has become a worldwide phenomenon for folks looking to connect with other kinky individuals. As a front runner in their field, Chaturbate has made numerous changes to their site over the last few years, offering functionality that opens up the site to trans individuals, along with packing in new features that make connecting with others a breeze.

After reading about Chaturbate for almost a year, and seeing numerous articles and reviews praising its current incarnation, I decided I had to give it a look. Below, I’ve put together a comprehensive rundown of everything that Chaturbate offers its guests. model streaming

My Chaturbate Review (Details After Camming For 3 Weeks Daily)

Chaturbate’s primary offerings relate to video chat and cam-based services. The company offers a wide array of live streams, in addition to member profiles that will also occasionally be live.

These feeds are distinctly different, as “always active” live feeds tend to be paid participants, whereas true members are free for you to view when they’re broadcasting. But, before you can start browsing these options, you’ll have to get an account together.

Beginning Stages

Signing up for a profile on Chaturbate tends to be a little bit different than other sites, due to its video-intensive nature. After registering your email and creating a password, you’ll next be prompted to engage in an internet speed test. This is to find out which default setting is best for your PC, and is done mostly to avoid stuttering video or other technical difficulties.

Next, you’ll have to give a rundown of exactly what type of video hardware you’re using, including camera and microphone specs. For me, this only took a few seconds, as your web browser tends to auto-detect these settings.

Once you’ve finished these steps, you’ll then be asked to fill out a fairly typical profile form. These questions ask for information like your height, weight, orientation, and location in addition to more creative questions regarding the type of videos you enjoy. Examples of these categories are “close-ups”, “1-on-1”, and “group sessions.”

I like that Chaturbate goes the extra step when finding out exactly what their users are looking for, sexually. This type of research can help users find exactly what they want with searching for hours at a time. After finishing these steps, it was finally time for me to begin looking through the various cam feeds.

Video, Video, and more Video

If you’ve sent streaming video through sites like Google Hangout or Skype, you’ll notice a lot of the same features on Chaturbate. The video chat interface is pretty easy to use, and the buttons are super obvious regarding their functionality (red circle = record, send = send text, etc.), which means you can jump in pretty immediately.

Another function I liked about Chaturbate’s streaming was the ability to rate the feed. This tends to mimic the thumbs up & down function that can be seen on the popular site YouTube. I always enjoy it when a website tries to solicit user participation, as it gives me a clearer idea of what’s “hot” and what’s “not.”

All in all, I had hoped that Chaturbate would pour its efforts into its video functionality, as this is the central reason its users visit, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Getting Sexy on Mobile

Chaturbate also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android that offers almost all of the same functionality as the site, albeit in a more streamlined presentation. While you can’t stream video to the site with your phone, you’ll still be able to watch, comment on, and rate all available live feeds.

A word of warning: new users aren’t able to sign up on the mobile app, as the website requires technical information for new accounts. Be sure to sign up on a desktop computer before trying to log in, or you’ll have a lot of problems.

Paid…Or Is It?

Chaturbate, like most sites for adults, is a “pay to play” experience. However, they’ve managed to tackle these fees in such a way that I’m not even upset.

Chaturbate is the first website of its kind to offer users a “free-paid” option via advertising. Upon signup, users can opt out of immediate charges instead of visiting third-party ad sponsors. Once you’ve clicked enough links and visited enough of these sites, your subscription fees will be paid in full until the next month.

What I thought was clever here is that, if you decide to choose free-paid, you can start viewing the site instantly. Chaturbate gives you the entire month to visit these third-party sites, and you can even see how much you’ve earned by visiting your profile page.

Going Big – I Mean Global

Something Chaturbate decided to do in 2014 was open up their site to non-English speakers, adding (as of this writing) 17 different language options. This has pushed Chaturbate into the international dating markets and has won them an entirely new batch of followers abroad.

While I couldn’t test all of the different languages, I am fluent in Spanish and French in addition to my native English, so I made sure to give these options a try. And while I did notice the occasional translation snafu, overall Chaturbate was incredibly legible, regardless of which dialect I decided to use.

I have to say; this is incredibly impressive for a dating site. You normally only see an effort like this in major corporate sales sites and social media entities.

Final Thoughts: Great Stuff

Chaturbate offers a robust website with quite a few features for an (optimally) free website. Giving individuals the ability to pay the cost of subscription via advertising dollars is genius, and I’m sure keeps more people coming back than would otherwise.

What swayed me while reviewing Chaturbate was their clear efforts to be as inclusive as possible. Very few sites of this nature offer functionality to individuals outside of their home country, which to me says that those sites just don’t care about growth.

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