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March 29, 2019

Keep It Casual: “Hookups Only” Tips For Success

casual hookup tips

In the past, I’ve been known to take things from casual to commonly comfortable and if you don’t know what I’m referring to I’m talking about hookups. From my experience, the worst possible thing that you can do is move out of the casual hookup zone and into the regular relationship zone.

It’s disastrous and something you want to avoid if at all possible. The good news is you can safely stay in the casual zone if you play your cards right.

It all starts with the first step…

jump into the dating pool

But first, let’s give credit where credit is due. This Friends With Benefits (2011) movie was the bomb and that’s where I got the featured pic from below. Special thanks to the producers of that flick!
casual hookup tips

Hookup Dating Kept Casual (Jump Right In)

There tend to be a lot of different factors to consider when deciding to enter the casual dating pool, especially if a single, long-term partner just doesn’t seem like the right fit for your lifestyle.

I know I’m someone who struggled with going through the motions over and over while making a lot of the same mistakes, which finally forced me to consider an alternative to more traditional relationships. It could be the same for you; the standard one-partner situation may just not be the right fit. And casual dating can be just as beneficial as long term affairs, but without all of that extra baggage, commitment and plain craziness.

Below, I’ve gone into the different reasons I think keeping your dating life casual can be a great way to feel like you’ve gotten your groove back!

Lean Back

Lean Back, Lean Back Y’all

The first thing I sat down to think about when considering more casual hookups was just how well my attempts at long-term dating have gone. It’s incredibly easy for a lot of us to repeat the same mistakes we’ve already made, especially when love is involved.

This is something that makes casual dates so appealing. Without the added stress of the typical relationship tropes like “he’s not listening” or “she doesn’t seem attracted to me,” you’re left free to enjoy this new partner without fearing the eventual arguments or struggles.

For myself, learning about a different approach to dating life was comforting. It’s easy to feel like you’re “undateable” or somehow flawed when every attempt at a serious relationship falls flat.

What’s The Bigger Picture?

Rebound relationships can be incredibly toxic, which is why it’s never wise to hop into something serious with a new person immediately after something serious has just ended with a former partner.

This is yet another reason why casual dating can be a great addition to your life, especially if the idea of being with someone else has been soured for you. With such a low-key approach, you’re free to forget bad dates and move on to someone new. This is one of my favorite components of the casual scene, as I no longer spend so much time dwelling on “what could have been” because I’m to busy seeing what’s right in front of me.

So, What’s The Approach Here?

First off, don’t go into this new set of dating rules with any preconceptions. Staying casual and never getting serious has a very real purpose, and that is to keep things light.

Part of the reason I couldn’t keep dating so seriously is because of the emotional burdens that naturally come with supporting someone else, even just emotionally. Taking on another person’s problems can be a complete nightmare, and really affect your feelings of self-worth and contentment.

Secondly, keep an open mind about the people you encounter. This second rule is, for me, maybe the most important one. If you’ve had, so much trouble meeting a long-term partner, then it stands to reason that may be a part of that struggle has been the type of people you’ve traditionally been attracted to.

Branching out and having conversations and encounters with people you may not have previously approached (girls on escort babylon don’t count) can really be a positive influence. At the very least, you’ll gain some fresh piece of conversation to use on future dates!

So, What’s The Definition Of Casual Dating?

While this tends to be pretty straightforward, individuals can certainly disagree on the specifics. Any time passion runs high, there’s the chance for miscommunication or two.

So, my definition of casual dating depends on a few key factors. I think it’s important to have honesty about your expectations pretty much immediately. This means from the moment you start texting or talking to a new interest, you should find convenient ways to insert your intentioned into the conversation.

Also, if you’re going to be casually hooking up with a bunch of individuals, you should be asking a lot of questions regarding their sexual history. It’s alright to be picky with whom you take home, especially nowadays, when the internet can make lying and misdirection quite easy for just about anyone.

Lastly, while it may be true that the situation you’re in with a particular person is casual, it doesn’t mean that it also has to be callous. Understanding an individual’s history (and by extension their reactions or behaviors) can really enhance even a one-night connection. It’s perfectly reasonable to feel an emotional connection with someone while understanding that it may be short-lived.

Take Care

There’s one major pitfall to this type of dating that I struggled with when I first started, so I think it’s only fair to warn you more directly than I did above; This type of dating is not for the emotionally scarred or neurotic.

Hooking up casually when you’re in the midst of a major heartbreak can sometimes lead folks into some dark situations, where suddenly they’re engaging in behaviors they would’ve never attempted in the right state of mind.

Final Thoughts

get you some

Hookups and casual dates are two of my favorite activities as an adult, followed by sipping delicious cocktails and I think they could be for a lot of folks. While it can be hard to keep your emotions contained when you meet someone new and exciting, staying “chill” can often open doors you never knew were there in the first place.

If you’re thinking about engaging in “hookup culture,” remember to listen to your instincts and do it for the right reasons. If you shouldn’t hop into the next serious affair when you’re devastated from a romantic loss, it’s reasonable to assume you shouldn’t hop into anything casual, either.

That being said, if you’ve gotten to the end of this article and you feel confident in your reasons (and your looks), download some swipe right apps and get to mingling, stranger!

I’ll wrap things up here with the FWB movie trailer. Have a stellar weekend!


March 27, 2019

What Does “Hook Up” Mean To Me?

hook up sign

The notorious “hook up.” You know what the word means, but what kinds of things does it provoke in your mind? Do you think of late-night trysts with a newly discovered partner? Or perhaps for you, it’s just about of heavy petting and late night couch marathons…or maybe for you, it just means hitting the club and finding a dance partner!

But first…

I have to share this image again because it’s so damn funny!

hook up prohibited sign

My Definition Of A “Hook Up” (And More)

For me, a hookup is almost a universal term for meeting up with someone, even if it isn’t romantic. The popular website Urban Dictionary tends to agree with my perspective, with the phrase “hook up” meaning something different to pretty much everyone. I mean heck, it probably even meant something different for you now than it did when you were younger.

From what I’ve learned over the years, women have their own set of hookup fantasies that are far more detailed than the average man. They’ll often be picturing an entire evening, with things like dinner and drinks setting the tone for a quasi-romantic experience, even when they’re really only looking for a physical connection. These fantasies can run the gamut from tame to out of control sex fests, but a woman will hardly ever let you know which one it is.

Seeing as you and I aren’t superheroes with psychic powers, how in the world are we supposed to find out?

Setting The Pace

Making a hookup connection can happen at lightning speed, especially if you’re making the connection at a bar or through a mobile dating app like the Fling app or the Insta Bang app. The problem that most commonly arises in these situations is tied to the situation mentioned above: knowing what your date wants from you.

So, what measures can you take to guarantee that the tone is understood before you even meet up? Ask them these questions beforehand! A few short questions like,

“Hi there, I like to keep things simple from the start, so I’d love to know what you’re looking for. I very much am looking for an evening of fun, nothing more.”

Statements like this, along with other clarifications can really make your hookup experience smoother. Getting a clear understanding of the type of date situation you’re walking into makes an experience like this a lot more enjoyable. You can also throw in some flirty statements via text before she arrives if you’re really trying to get the “train out of the station,” so to speak.

Something I should mention here is, while it’s a great approach to be the one pushing the conversation forward, don’t forget to ask her questions more specific to her. Those smoking hot Instagram babe anomalies might not care about a Q and A session, but most women do. This will give them the impression that you’re actually interested, and hopefully make the experience a lot more fun and comfortable.

Having Your Needs Met

Another thing I like to remember to tell young studs on the market is to be clear about what you need. I understand that I may be repeating myself here, but you can never be too clear about your needs and intentions.

In 2019, a lot of individuals feel empowered in their particular “kink” or proclivities, so it makes sense to be as honest as possible.

Reaching Out

hello gif

If you’re not getting what you need as far as details via texting through an app, my favorite approach is asking for their number and calling them up! I know, it’s often a shot in the dark, but when it works, it normally leads to sex.

Listening to someone’s voice is almost always a great way to gauge their thoughts during your conversation, as it adds a level of nuance you just don’t get from typing. It also helps avoid getting scammed by people who are answering your questions pretty much directly from Internet search engines.

Remember, Safety Comes First

be safe gif

So, you’ve made your connection, you’ve settled on a location, you’ve gotten all dressed up, and now it’s time to finally meet your hopeful new connection.

Hopefully, you’ve both agreed on a public location for your first encounter. If not, consider changing your plans. While most women I’ve found on these apps are pretty laid back, you never know when you might meet a “stage 5 clinger” who now not only has your name and phone number, but also your home address. Avoid the threat of stalking, and keep some things to yourself.

The First Few Minutes (Are Crucial)

This period is insanely crucial. Most psychologists agree that both men and women decide what they think of someone in the first 60-90 seconds. They’re taking in things like body language, facial features, body, and even things as nuanced as the sound of your voice.

What helped me get past this particular hurdle was mirror training. It may seem vain, but checking out how you look at different angles and facial expressions can almost single-handedly make or break a date.

Do the homework.

The First Hour Into It

ain't nobody got time for that

Humor and confidence are the names of the game here. Between the first ten minutes and the first hour, your potential partner for the evening will be making a list in her mind, a list of reasons and observations that will decide how far she takes things with you tonight.

Also, remember not to sell yourself short. Something I’ve become pretty good at is gassing myself up before a date. It’s alright to be convinced that your time is valuable and that you’re doing this person a favor by sharing some of it with them. This added “laissez faire” attitude will do wonders for how she perceives your confidence, which will only help seal the deal.

At The End Of The Night (Can You Close The Deal?)

So, what exactly should you take away from this particular piece of writing? Well, for starters, don’t take any of this too seriously. Dating can oftentimes require a lot of trial and error, and you may not have a lot of luck your first few times out.

The good news is that I’ve done a lot of “searching” so you don’t have to. You’ll have more hook up luck if you go right for a sex network here.

It’s also entirely possible that you’re just a bit of a singular individual, and it’s going to take you a little bit longer to find someone compatible, something that shouldn’t ever bother you.

But, if you follow the logical steps, and keep an open mind, it’s pretty likely that sooner or later you’ll become a hookup pro. Don’t you think it’s about time you gave hooking up a shot?

Especially if you’re not getting lucky at all lately. The choice is yours my friend!

Whatever you do, just don’t go hiring any of those hookers down the street or the massage girls at Orchids of Asia. That’s a surefire way to end up in the clink! You’ll regret doing so, I promise!

March 20, 2019

Orchids of Asia Massage Parlour Review

orchids of asia

I don’t feel like I have to really review this place, because the stories coming from here have been well chronicled thanks to Mr. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.  In case you didn’t see the news, he visited Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, and was busted with soliciting prostitution.   Today I’m going to share with you some more information I dug up on this now infamous day spa that has become a national treasure.  Please enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing all the due diligence putting it together!

The Famous Orchids of Asia Day Spa Reviews

It’s hard to get better reviews of dodgy places like this unless you sign up for Rub Maps, which I refuse to do.  With all of the law enforcement looking at South Florida and prostitution in general, there is no reason for a guy like me to put his credit card on file at a seedy place like that, especially when there are so many free resources out there talking about places where I don’t have to pay or give up some privacy.

Once an Asian Massage Parlour that allegedly gave happy endings and much, much more, the day spa is now just a closed store, according to DeadSpin.  As the article continues to point out, this is a place you have to go look for with one thing in mind: getting off.

In the surrounding areas, there are many places you can get off, in a better environment, with better reputations, and even menus.  This is the place that men come to as late as 11:30 in the evening looking for something as short as a 30 minute stay for $59, often times spending only 10-15 minutes in the establishment.  Let’s see, 1-2 minutes to get checked in, another 2-3 to take off your clothes and get comfortable, and another 2-3 to put them back on, leaving about 4-5 minutes for some stimulation.  Sounds about right.

These days, Orchids of Asia is a place where people take selfies.  They want to be seen at the scene of the alleged infamous crimes committed by Robert Kraft and others who were charged with soliciting prostitution.

orchids of asia

Photo Credit: DeadSpin.

The place is evacuated, with a sign over it now saying it is “unsafe.”  Adjacent businesses are bothered by the crowds gathering in front of the establishment taking selfies like the one above.  One man even showed up naked and paid homage to the now defunct house of ill repute.

Orchids of Asia

People congregate, share memes made of Robert Kraft, and share their own takes on the topic.  Whether you support compensated sex, or not, human trafficking is uncool on so many other levels, it’s not even funny.  This is the main topic here that people are alarmed about, that women here may have been doing these alleged sexual favors against their wills.  That’s the topic here, not that Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, is supposedly caught on camera being “entertained” by these women.

The Orchids of Asia is going to be a topic for a long, long time.  It’s going to be somewhat of a monumental place in Jupiter until the store is shut down and something else opens in it’s place.  For now, we can all enjoy the circus surrounding a place that has gone completely viral.

Of course, as you all know I’m very careful in my ways and do not engage in prostitution where it’s illegal.  Traveling to Costa Rica, oh yeah, that’s a different story and you can read about my escapades here.  In the USA, there are many easier ways to meet loose women without the risk of being publicly humiliated like Mr. Kraft has been.  For one, I use my Instabang login very frequently and find women in my area that are down for casual sex.  Of course, I use a whole slew of other apps for sex that entirely keep me satisfied.

March 17, 2019

Tips for Turning Your One-Night Stand Into A Booty Call

best booty I've ever seen

One-night stands are just that, a one-and-done, no-strings-attached thing that everyone agrees is for pure pleasure. You get busy and your gal-pal for the night goes on her merry way. But, what if you’re kind of digging the girl you spent the evening with, but not quite enough to take it to relationship status? Then maybe it’s time to think about promoting that one-night stand into a regular thing: a booty call.

booty call sex

Booty Call Tips To 10x Your Life

A booty call is someone who you’re not dating, but you’re enjoying having sex with. You aren’t in a relationship, with the two of you, it’s just about hot times. This isn’t an easy thing to achieve, though, especially since women tend to get the “feelings cooties” pretty easily.

If you intend on changing your one-night stand to a booty call, you should follow a few rules to ensure it goes smoothly and everyone knows what the expectations are.

This photo is so delish, I had to show it again!

best booty in the world
Credit: Jonathan Shupert – This dude is a G IMO! Best pic ever!

Finding a Booty Call

Finding someone to have a booty call with can be tricky. First, you’re never going to want to hook up with a girl that is your friend. She is always going to be around and no matter how much you fight it, feelings can start working their way in.

Second, you don’t want to have a booty call be an ex-girlfriend. That is just keeping the door open for feelings and your past problems can rear their ugly heads and get in the way of having the type of relationship you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to find a booty call, I would seriously suggest you find someone who isn’t anyone you know. Hookup websites are a great way to find that perfect woman who knows what she’s getting into and isn’t going to have any preconceived notions of you or expect a relationship. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hookup sites out there that you can use to find the perfect sexual partner.

booty call jerk

Five Things Will Turn That One-Night Stand into a Booty Call

Finding a one-night stand is easy. The difficult part is convincing a free-spirited woman that you’re worthy enough to continue meeting. If you’re going to change that one-night stand into a booty call, you’re going to have to put in some work of your own.

Here are my five tips for getting that hookup to consider being your “anytime” booty call:

  • Don’t talk about your sexual past – God, that is one of my pet peeves. N-o-b-o-d-y wants to hear about all the women you’ve banged or how hot an ex or hookup was and what you did with them. Don’t be that guy, seriously, you’re only going to chase her off.
  • Don’t get the “feelings” If you want a woman to run, start getting too clingy or talk about love. Any woman who was a hookup most likely did it because she isn’t looking for anything too serious and if you start that nonsense, she’s going to bolt for sure. Remember, this is supposed to be fun and exciting, not creepy or deep.
  • Be good in the sack – Look, if you want someone to keep coming back to you, you have got to be good in bed. Listen to what she likes, do things that make her get off, and don’t be a gross, pushy jerk.
  • If you’re only worried about yourself busting one off, you might as well stay home with your old buddy Leftie and let the girl get satisfied by a gentleman.
  • Get better in bed – If you’re not comfortable in bed with a woman, or you notice that your new lady is into some new things, consider studying up on sexy stuff. Don’t worry about Kama Sutra-level positions, but sometimes just trying new things and keeping things fresh is all you need to do to entice someone into staying and enjoying their time with you.
  • Pursue her – Do not wait for her to get back to you after the first time. Women like to feel like they’re being pursued and if you’re not going to show her any interest, I can guarantee you someone else out there will. It doesn’t take much effort; just show you’re wanting her and that you’re available.

Bonus Tips


Because I’m a caring guy, I want to give you some bonus info if you’re looking at getting a consistent booty call. You don’t have to follow any of my advice, but I’ve been around and know what works and what doesn’t, so I would really suggest you give these things a try.

One, don’t be a jerk. You don’t own this woman and she doesn’t owe you anything. If you want her to continue to be with you, you need to be respectful. She isn’t a prostitute, she’s just a woman looking to have a good time and doesn’t need you, they make toys for that.

Also, if she decides to end things at any point, let it go. This isn’t a relationship and you aren’t entitled to any discussions about why she wants to end it. If she wants to go, wish her the best.

Finally, if you’re going to have a booty call, I would strongly encourage you to not only get yourself tested for STI’s but ask her for some sort of proof for clean tests. Hey, you can never be too safe and if she gets offended, you don’t need her, there is plenty of booty out there that would be pleased to know you’re so conscientious. And, if you’re going to play around, please do so safely, you only get one life.


Having an NSA relationship is awesome when you can find a partner who is equally into it. As long as you pick someone who isn’t in your immediate inner circle, practice your sex craft, set boundaries and respect hers, and act like an emotionally mature adult, you are sure to have a very good time for as long as you both agree to keep your booty call relationship going.

See you later

Looking for more dating tips? I’ve covered quite a bit here on my site. Just keep looking around and you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for – I guarantee it.

March 14, 2019

SPDate App Review Reveals All

SPDate Review

In 2019, it’s not hard to find a dating app or hook up website that claims to almost instantly connect you to other like-minded singles. However, when folks attempt to find an instant connection through one of these sites, they’re almost always met with frustration and a lack of success. I myself have even occasionally had to struggle through a site that doesn’t promise what it offers.

SPDate caught my attention for this very same set of reasons, as it claims to have an over 98% connection rate for its users. In addition to its claims of robust security and loads of features, I decided it was time to give SPDate a try.

SPDate app homepage

My Review of SPDate (Find Out The Truth)

Upon typing in the web address, I was surprised to be instantly redirected to another site. However, SPDate claims that this is done as their #1 step in ID verification, so I would reserve judgment on this particular…quirk.


Getting started on SPDate is pretty average, beginning with a prompt to enter a valid email address. Once verified, you’ll then create a password for the site. After that, I’ll be free to begin browsing user profiles. I should note that while you can get away with browsing without completing your profile, you won’t have access to any of the higher tier options until you’ve finished your profile.

High-Level Member Security & Fraud Protection

Something I’d like to focus on here is the profile completion, as its more than just a gateway into SPDate’s full functionality. Rather, the profile completion acts as an additional security step, both for you and other users.

When you click on the prompts that SPDate gives you to finish setting things up, you’ll be redirected to your profile creation dashboard. Here, you’ll see a list of standard questions like sex, locations, etc. But below this, you’ll see that the site actually asks for your date of birth, as well as your social security number. These are then used to verify that you’re who you say you are.

I absolutely love this approach for a few reasons. Firstly, asking for critical details like your social makes it much less likely that spambots or hackers will be creating in-depth profiles on SPDate, as they most typically don’t have those kinds of legitimate details.

Secondly, it verifies that the people you’re connecting with aren’t trying to catfish you. As SPDate is entirely free of charge, it could potentially attract some less-than-stellar individuals, but with these additional security features, you can rest assured that you’re almost always connecting with another human being.

Customer Support & FAQ

Something that I was very impressed by was SPDate’s exceptional customer support. While I experienced the disconnection issue mentioned above several times during my weeklong experience, I must say that the responses I received during each error call were articulate, friendly, and always left me back on the site, right where I left off.

SPDate has taken an aggressive stance to its tech support over the past few years, and this is due in no little part to its history as a, shall we say “glitchy” website. Prior to 2015, the reviews for SPDate are filled to the brim with negative experiences, almost all of them related to getting logged out without trying, 404 error pages, etc.

So, in early 2015 SPDate hired a third party web design & logistics company to help them repair the components of the site that were faulty, while also acting as defacto tech support for the site.

While I can certainly say that I wasn’t thrilled to experience these issues, they were met every time with a proper explanation, as well as a solution to my dilemma. This shows me that SPDate is still just as concerned with fluid user experience as they were when their efforts began. terms

Taking It To The Streets

After getting a good feel for SPDate’s offerings, it was next time to try out their mobile app. I gave this app a shot on both iOS and Android platforms and was pleasantly surprised. Just about everything that I found on the desktop site was available on my phone, albeit in a compressed form. But while SPDate offers this application for both types of phones, the Apple crowd will have a slightly better experience, thanks to some newly added features.

The first of these is called “Why Type?” and it works sort of like a cross between a video message and a “like” that you would commonly see on a site like Facebook. The member profiles on SPDate function a lot like other social media profiles in that users can leave statuses. If you’re looking to comment on one of these statuses, you can use the “Why Type?” feature to instead leave a video response.

The second and more exciting feature is called “Track Me Down,” and works as a sort of last-minute date connection. Users can opt into this function, after which they’ll be asked their plans for the night. If they follow this to completion, their profile will then be temporarily put into the TMD database.

Here, other individuals looking for a date that evening in their town can look to see if anyone is open to a last-minute connection. You can find out where they’ll be hanging out and then send a request to see if you can meet up.

While I’m not sure exactly how safe this function is, it’s a novel and fun approach to a dating/hookup website, and something I used quite successfully during my trial.

My (Avg. User) Results

I was surprised by SPDate. I must say, I was skeptical going into this review. A free site that promises (sometimes) same-day connections? It had to be good to be true.

However, while the technical issues I experienced were frustrating, they did little to tarnish a site that clearly has a lot of thought and effort behind it. offers typical date site functionality while at the same time going above and beyond in terms of functionality and support.

When paired with the added features offered by the mobile app, I have to admit that users could do much worse than a site like SPDate.

Would I recommend using it above all others? I think not! However, it’s definitely better than some of those shady dating apps or even worse, streetwalkers, out there today.

If you’re wondering whether or not I put it in my top 5 apps list, then you can stop because I definitely did not. But it may be worth giving a shot if you’ve got patience. The choice is yours…

March 3, 2019

Farrah Abraham: From Teen Mom To Cam Model & Becoming Instafamous

Farrah Abraham profile pic

I’ve spent a TON of time doing my research on Farrah Abraham. She’s perhaps my favorite webcam model of all time. There are many reasons why I both adore and cam with her, which you’ll certainly be hearing about today.

Some think I’m an insane man for even wanting to watch her on cam, others are high five-ing me all the way to the computer.

For individuals immersed in the adult entertainment scene, so-called “camgirls” have been all the rage for years. Due to the prevalence of this particular career path, several of these women have turned their private cam channels into fully fledged modeling careers. There are a few that have literally become millionaires and business moguls doing so.

Make no mistake about it, Farrah Abraham is one of those women. She went from being on MTV’s Teen Mom TV Series to driving badass cars, creating her own sex toys, having sex with porn stars, and becoming one of the most famous cam models in America. Here’s everything I know about her and why you’ll probably fall in love with her just like I did.

Full disclosure: I did all I could to verify everything that’s published in this article. While I’ve done what I could, it’s possible that you may have a different opinion with regards to the individual.

teen mom farrah abraham wearing a swimsuit

The Unofficial Farrah Abraham Story (Told By A True Fan)

When I started researching a few of these women, I was immediately struck by their work ethic and creative approach to building a career outside of cam work. One of these women, Farrah Abraham, impressed me so much that I was driven to write this article, something I didn’t expect when I first started my research. Below, I get into all the facets of Farrah’s career and personality that have made her just so fascinating.

My Bio of Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 31st, 1991 to mother Debra Danielsen and father, Michael Abraham. Her parents have been quoted as saying that “Farrah…was exceptionally stubborn as a child, often…lashing out when she didn’t get what she wanted.” While I can’t confirm this particular detail, it seems likely that someone so determined to be successful would also be a difficult child.

Humble Beginnings

Farrah started her cam career unlike most others do, as a part-time side hustle to make some extra money. Instead, Farrah first gained notoriety by appearing on the show 16 and Pregnant in 2008 as (you guessed it) a teenaged, soon-to-be mother.

At this point, the young Farrah was only 17 and was struggling to deal with this newfound responsibility that was soon to be delivered to her…literally.

Due to the success of 16 and Pregnant, Farrah was able to appear on a spinoff later that year, entitled Teen Mom. First airing in 2009, Farrah appeared on the series until its finale in 2012.

Music and Literature

It was at this point that Farrah decided (in conjunction with her management, no doubt) that she should diversify into other avenues of entertain. So in 2012, shortly after the cancellation of Teen Mom, she released a memoir called “My Teenage Dream Ended” along with a studio album of the same name.

While her album didn’t exactly wow critics or the public, her book landed on the New York Times Bestseller list for several weeks.

Finding a Path

After 2012, Farrah tried a stint of different career paths, to limited results. It wasn’t until 2014 that she resurfaced, being cast in the fourth season of popular series Couples Therapy. During this period, a wave of controversy surrounded Farrah thanks to accusations from her assumed partner, Brian Dawe.

Shortly after the series started airing, Brain made claims that Abraham had hired him to play her boyfriend. He left Couples Therapy after just six weeks, Leaving Farrah as the only member of the show to continue therapy solo, choosing to instead focus on her fractured relationship with her mother.

An Adult Lifestyle

At the same time as the series was airing, Farrah was also pursuing a career in adult films. She filmed a single porno with famed adult actor and producer James Deen, which she shelved during the airing of Couples Therapy, at the suggestion of her management and PR.

The James Deen film was, according to Farrah: “An incredibly uncomfortable experience.” However, as Farrah reportedly sold this sex tape to Vivid Entertainment (to the tune of 1 million dollars), and then shortly after that recorded and released a second video with the same actor, I question whether the public was ever given the whole story.

For those of you not familiar with Vivid Entertainment, the company is owned by Steven Hirsch and they’re responsible for the publication and exposing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J. You know, the one that made her insanely rich and famous. Which she recently claims was all done due to taking ecstasy which I don’t believe a word of quite frankly. Here’s the report on that by TMZ.

Teen Mom, Part II

Immediately after this controversy, Farrah appeared in a continuation of MTV’s Teen Mom called Being Farrah. There were four “Being” series, all centered around the original four young women showcased on Teen Mom.

Farrah was released from this series after just one season, as the other former teen mothers felt that Abraham was “a terrible influence on their children.”

Stripped Down

Through 2013-14, Farrah was contracted for a series of residencies at three different gentleman’s clubs, reportedly to “make ends meet” between gigs.

The most popular of these clubs, Palazio’s Gentleman’s Club, purportedly paid her over $500,000 for a 3-month stint. Abraham has been quoted as stating that “stripping…has been a great way to support my child while I focus on new opportunities and creative endeavors.”

Another Shot

Enter 2015. Farrah Abraham was hired to be a part of the Celebrity Big Brother, a popular British reality television program. Her appearance was reportedly “uneventful,” and she ended up being the 5th housemate to be evicted after royally pissing off her fellow American roommate, Austin Armacost.

A few months later, she was given the opportunity to reappear on the sister program to Big Brother, called Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. During the 2-hour program, Farrah got into a physical altercation with her co-star, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. Both women received official warnings from the British police following the incident.


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Adult Modeling

In 2016, Farrah Abraham signed an exclusive contract with the CamSoda website, a company she remains with to this day. As one of their top performing models, Farrah maintains a following of over a million users, something she credits to her hardcore fitness regimen and insatiable sexual appetite.

I caught wind of this on a website dedicated to revealing new Camsoda models. I found out that the site published an article about how Farrah got a new vagina, and that she was going to be showing it off on Camsoda. Well, guess what it looks fantastic! Trust me on that one!

A Career in Cinema

Beginning in 2017, Farrah Abraham began her film career by appearing as Karen Sims in the film Adam K. Shortly after this, he played Fannie Rae Baker in the indie film Axeman 2: Overkill.

As of 2019, Farrah is still modeling full-time on CamSoda while she auditions for film roles. She’s expressed interest in finding primarily supporting roles, as “acting is a craft she’s still trying to perfect.”

farrah abraham wearing a sexy outfit

Farrah’s Real Claim to Fame

As for her daughter, whose arrival ultimately made Farrah Abraham famous, very little is known. Born Sophia Laurent Abraham in 2009, Farrah’s daughter splits her time between her mom’s house and her father’s, 16 and Pregnant star Derek Underwood.

While Farrah’s daughter spent her early years out of the public eye, she’s more recently been popping up on her mother’s social media accounts. It seems as though Farrah has decided that her daughter should become a more public component of her life, something I think humanizes her despite her various career flubs.


As you can see Farrah has done a ton of stuff over the years and her hustle and mindset are the reason why she is where she is today. There are plenty of people that have had the same opportunity as her.

I love everything about Farrah and will without a doubt be spending more time chatting with her on Eventually, I’d really like to attend one of her boxing matches.

Update: Okay, well I probably won’t be attending any of her boxing matches since she totally bailed on her last scheduled match and is now in a lawsuit with her promoter.

Even worse, it seems as though she was hit with other lawsuits for having stores close down without paying the rent on the lease. Turns out she might not be the best businesswoman after all. Whatever ~ that’s not going to stop me from messaging her so that I can see her toy herself on cam later this evening.